Ok, for those of you who don’t know what bookcrossing is (can’t be many people who know me and don’t know about BC!) you NEED to go and check it out! Basically how it works is you go to the site, and you can then ‘register’ a book. It gets a number (a BCID), and you can then leave it anywhere – a bus stop, cafe, random seat along the footpath etc. In theory, then someone picks it up, goes to the website, and puts in the number. You then get an email saying someone has found your book. There are other ways to get your books out there, but that’s the primary aim of the site. Here’s an example of a book thats a little bit travelled.

Anyway, the site owners have been working on a new and improved site for a while now, and last night they finally unveiled it to the public! I waited up for it for a while, but it was getting to be quite late, and I knew I’d want to play on it for a while as well, so I went to bed. This morning I was running late, but I desperately wanted to check it out, and it looks GREAT!

A few minor things need tweaking, among other things, I seem to have wings till 2070 (no complaints here!), but I’m not the only one and I’m sure it will get rectified at some point…

Mostly I’ve enjoyed geeking out on the archives of the fora – fun and games goes back 4 whole years! I’m not gonna get ANY reading done for a LONG time!

So big ups to the whole team who worked on it – and the alpha testers – you’ve all done a great job, and I can’t wait to still be bookcrossing in 60 years to come 🙂