Today I wanna celebrate my internet Mum, Krazy Blonde. We met over on the fun and games forum on bookcrossing a few years back, and I went and visited her a couple of times. We haven’t seen each other for a long time, neither of us can remember exactly how long, but definitely not last year.

Back in the day, she used to be always telling me to get off the fora, and go to bed, eat enough vegetables etc, hence the ‘Mum’ part (like I need any more mothers!).

So anyway, since I’m up here for work, she’s another person I’ve wanted to hang out with, and today we finally got to catch up! It was a lot of fun – she took lots of random photos of me, which will eventually make their way to facebook I suspect. We used to have this joke that I was in the shower, so we took a couple of me in the shower (clothed fairly decently!), and she kept making me do stuff like filling her car with petrol… lots of random photos. We had a great time though. Well I did anyway!

It’s so nice to reconnect with old friends, we shared a lot of old jokes, and some new ones too! Plus I got to show her all my thousands of pics from my trip to the US last year…she seemed to enjoy them!

Now, off to bed, it’s gonna be a LOOONG day at work tomorrow!

(Currently listening to Dinosaur by Kisschasy)