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WomblesNow that I’ve done Skyring (it’s not as bad as it sounds, he considered knocking me up last year!), it must be time for Wombles 🙂 I met Wombles at the same time as Skyring, as it happens (that convention has a lot to answer for!), and she is even more awesome than he is, if that’s even possible! Kind, extremely considerate, a fabulous listener, and a wonderful friend. I’m lucky to have her!

One of the things I love about her so much is that she sends the most fantastic postcards! When I was working in the US last year, she sent me regular postcards, all covered in little stickers (how can you not love smiley faces  everywhere! Especially when you’re a stationary freak like me :D).

I was lucky enough to see her again last April, at the Christchurch convention, where I got to share a gondola (say it with me, ‘gon-dola’) ride with her. Considering how scared she is of heights, she did extremely well! Especially when we started rocking it :p (no, we didn’t actually).

And, with a bit of luck I’ll be able to see her this year too!


SkyringThis is my friend Skyring. He doesn’t normally look like that. As I’m sure most of you are aware. This pic was taken a few years ago at my first BC convention in Wellington. It must have been a good one, because it got me completely hooked on conventions! Probably one of the best things about it were all the fantastic people I met – I’m not sure it’s a good idea to name them because I’m sure to forget someone, but Skyring was definitely one of them.

I’d heard about him before – another BC friend of mine Sherlockfan had met him the previous year and was full of praise! The best thing was that she turned out to be right – Skyring is a wonderful person 🙂 Generous, funny, good taste in music! He’s also a little bit crazy, like me! Which mean we have this tendency to come up with crazy schemes, and occasionally go through with them. BCX, Flat Jay, Hello It’s Me…etc, etc!

And my favourite thing about him? He knows how to make me smile 🙂

Cabbie DL and Skyring

PS Yes I know it’s late. I’m sorry!

– coming home after a long day at work wet and cold and putting on snuggly socks.

– going out for pizza for dinner and only wanting half, so knowing I can have cold pizza for breakfast.

– random occurrences – in a competition at work today we pulled 2 random names out of a hat – mine (not actually me, just my name) and my exbfs (Hi Kevin!)

– that it’s a full moon on my friend WingedMan’s birthday.

– that it’s the weekend tomorrow 😀

– random conversations on twitter/fb

– listening to Sister Hazel while eating Whittakers hazelnut chocolate 😀

– Flat Jay in Leeds. Thanks Toadee. You rock!

Thank you for the sky above us,
never ending blue.
Thank you for the earth beneath us,
bright with morning dew.

Thank you for the sand to run on,
soft beneath out feet.
Thank you for the waves to cool us,
when we feel the heat.

Thank you for the trees that shade us,
when we want to rest.
Thank you for the birds above us,
flying to their nests.

Thank you for the sun thats sinking,
down into the sea.
Thank you for the moon that’s rising,
bright o’er you and me.

Thank you for the stars appearing,
torches in the skies.
Thank you for sweet dreams unfolding,
as we close our eyes.

(Found in the Book of Pacific Lullabies)

Seemed to be an appropriate one to start myself off 🙂

I like poetry, so I’m gonna create a new section for poetry. I *might* post some I write, but it’s been a while since I’ve written any (and I doubt its any good) so it’ll mostly be other peoples poetry 🙂

So at my work we have this big truck. And I’m not kidding about the big bit! We use it to carry all our stuff around the country. So every school we get to, we have to unpack it, and then pack it up at the end again. It’s much easier when we’re at a school for a few days, because unpacking it, teaching all day, packing it up and driving to the next day every day for a week (or 4 or 5) is kinda tiring, as I’m sure you can imagine!

So anyway, today, I managed to completely unpack the entire truck by myself! Which I’ve never done before! (OK I had help with a couple of things, but only because it’s almost impossible to get these things on/off by yourself. Also I finally figured out how to easily undo the straps we use to secure things to the walls of the truck 😀

And the biggest thing? Nothing fell off (an eternal fear of mine) and no one got hurt!

various stuffed animals Sorry Skyring, chocolate was a good idea but I thought of a better one :p My stuffed animals.

I’ll start off with my teddy bear. I’ve had this bear for a really, really long time – in fact I can’t remember not having her! And as I’m sure you can tell from the picture, she is extremely well loved. She used to have a proper nose, and no holes, and round eyes! I have an early memory of leaving her on the train coming home, and Dad having to go off and rescue her on his bike. No idea if I’m making that up or not, but I remember lining up all my other stuffed animals along the windowsill waiting for them to return.

Next along the line is my sock monkey. This was a gift from my friend Carrie1 for my birthday last year. Who says a girl’s too old for toys right :p Anyway, I first saw these at Cracker Barrel, and REALLY wanted one, but at that point in the trip I already had too much stuff, and knew I couldn’t fit something this big into my suitcase! I guess Carrie must have noticed because when I got home and unwrapped it, there he was!

The sheep is called Molly. I don’t know where I got the name from, she just looked like a Molly to me. I bought Molly from my friend Diana’s school fair last year. She’s hand knitted (Steiner school so they had a heap of hand made things!) and is kind of my markeroni mascot, although I never seem to have her when I see historical markers.

The smaller teddy bear is called Starfish, after the Sister Hazel song, because my friend Skyring sent her to me last year at summer camp (when I was a long, long way from home, as the song goes).

I’ve also got a zebra, called Aroha (Love), and a giraffe called Rangimarie (Peace) who were sent to me by my friend WingedMan after I told him my favourite animals were a giraffe and a zebra. He apparently had a dream about me living in a house with the roof cut out to accomodate for the size of the giraffe’s neck. At the moment my friend Debs has Aroha, and CreativeMGE has Rangimarie.

CreativeMGE This is my friend CreativeMGE. She’s a BookCrosser, which pretty much automatically makes her awesome, but she’d be awesome even if she weren’t a BCer! I love her to bits because she is as crazy as I am! Plus we’re crazy in the same kind of ways! I don’t remember when I met her online, but it would have been on the fun and games forum which I like to frequent 😀

However, I do remember meeting her for the first time for real! It was the last day of camp last year (2009), and she was supposed to be picking me up from camp. Now, I was pretty sure she was going to be one of those people who were going to be late (no offense CMGE, you know I’m the same!), but I hadn’t been able to get a hold of her for a while, and I was starting to freak out that she wasn’t going to come at all. You know, I’m supposed to be being picked up by someone I’ve never met, and I only know from the internet! (No wonder my Mum worries about me!). So I was sitting on the side of the road, waiting and waiting (really, I was sitting by the side of the road!), worrying what I would do if she didn’t come!

After about half an hour (maybe 45 minutes!) I give up, and go and ring her from the pay phone. No answer at home (good!), and none on the cell phone (meep). I leave a message on her phone, and decide to join everyone else up at the pool 😀 Just as I head up to the pool with S’mores (yeah we had camp names), she pulls up. Major relief!!!

And after that it was all good! We’re both extreme night owls, so we did a whole heap of really cool stuff at night 😀 Like go on a tour of the monuments around DC at around 2am. Well we started at 2am, but it took us a while, so ended up back at home at around 4/5am 😀

And another time we decided we were really craving the beach (I live on an island and hadn’t seen the ocean in at least 2 months) and stars (we have these things here, you can see them in the sky at night!) so we drove out to the beach in the middle of the night to listen to the waves, and watch the stars. Well I listened/watched for about an hour (if we’re being optimistic!) and then woke up just as the sun was starting to rise. It was beautiful! Once the sun had risen all the way up, we drove home again. And this isn’t like driving to the beach here, we had to drive (well she did, because I didn’t drive then :p) at least 2 hours each way!

She’s one inspiring woman! She even helped to inspire my other blog, Hello It’s Me because I love sending/replying to her emails 🙂 We always seem to be talking about interesting topics, which make me think!

Plus she’s not averse to sitting and watching squirrels 😀

Jo, Diana, and ISo on Saturday (I was being organised for a change!) I got to hang out with my friend Diana. Diana’s one of my closest friends from when I was at uni. She’s crazy, just like me, and also has crazy hair, which I love, because I think it represents her mind brilliantly! (Sorry Diana, you know I love you though!). I don’t remember exactly when we met, she wasn’t one of the people I got lost with on the first day (those friends are awesome :p), but at some point we just started hanging out. She reminds me of my friend Maria a lot (hi Maria!), because they both have really interesting minds that work in different ways to my own, and I find that quite refreshing. Plus we both love children’s literature and the theatre. I also love that she is a research maniac, so whenever I see her, she’s always got something new to talk about!

She’s also a lot of fun to be around, we both enjoy doing crazy things together, and we seem to have truly bizarre conversations about the most random things.

Lucinda the Bush Fairy Now that I’ve asked her permission to write about her, I should really do it I guess 😛 Alex and I had a pretty unique childhood, living with my Mum and her partner for one week, and then our Dad the next, and so on and so on, and I think that it’s helped make me feel closer to her than to other people in our family. Even now, there’s things I’ll tell her before I’ll tell my friends, or ask her opinion on. Not that I don’t trust or value you guys, but it’s nice to have someone there who I know has to keep loving me no matter what!

So anyway, Alex. One of the things I love most about her is her sense of humour. That picture above is of one of her alternate personalities – Lucinda the Bush Fairy, who is a real crack up. She likes to frolic and prance through the bush. As far as I know she doesn’t do any gift giving or magic stuff, but it may just be because Lucinda doesn’t deem me worthy enough (highly likely!)

Alex and her 'homeware set' This pic was taken a few summers ago, in fact it might have been our last summer together in the same country, when we were down in the Marlborough Sounds. We (Mum, Alex, and I) have an evening ritual to go for our evening wonder around the neighbourhood (I’m sure its just so we can be nosy and see what all the neighbours are doing), and this one night we decided to have a competition, and see who could find the best treasure. I think I found some shiny shells or something, and I can’t remember what Mum found, but Alex, bless her, came up with this ‘homeware set’, which consists of (from the top):

– a door wedge (to keep the door open)
– 3 coasters (to put cups on)
– 2 hot pads (to put hot dishes on so as not to ruin the table)

I think I won, but she got the humour award 😀

Alex She also has the most awesome sense of fashion, as you can see here. Which I think is hilarious, considering she continues to ban me from wearing fleece, despite my love for it, and the fact that it actually looks good on me and is warm. Very practical! This one isn’t really fair, she does actually have a really good sense of what looks good – she’s gotten me through several important events looking good, even if she does insist on poking my eyes out with mascara (I can’t help blinking, really I can’t!)

Possibly the best thing of all about her though, is that she is an AMAZING chef! She seems to have this innate ability to know what things will taste good together. When she was a kid she was always inventing recipes (that actually tasted good!) (apart from the time her and her best friend Maxine made up this concoction of stuff they found in the garden and put it on my toothbrush :p) (and also the time her and our cousin accidentally put a cup of vinegar in the pikelets!) Getting back to the point though, here’s the cake she made me for a birthday one year. What I loved most about it was that it looked amazing (like one from a shop), but unlike one from a shop it actually tasted good too 😀

Alex's cake

But she’s also amazingly beautiful, loyal, gives good advice, and is a great sister to boot.

And I love her more than words can say.

Alex and I having facials

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