Champagne at my placeYes, I know it’s random, but so am I :p

My favourite champagne memory: last April (2009) a few BookCrossers and I did a roadtrip to the annual BookCrossing Convention held in Christchurch, New Zealand. A few days before leaving, we all gathered at my place, and my good mate Skyring bought us some champagne from duty free (he was flying in from Australia (which I don’t hold against him!)). There was only one small problem…I was living in a student flat at the time, and we didn’t have any champagne glasses…or even wine glasses. So, we had to share the champagne in coffee mugs. Not that it mattered much – it was a wonderful beginning to one of the most fantastic trips of my life 😀

(Picture courtesy of Alkaline-Kiwi)
(Currently listening to Champagne High by Sister Hazel (totally by chance!)

PS sorry it’s late – I forgot it was Sunday and then Monday rolled around and I didn’t have any money left on my internet. I promise to try better next time :s