This is mostly an excuse to post embarrassing pics of my Mum 😀

It's hard to smile with something in your mouth!

As you might know, or have figured out, I have an interesting sense of humour 😀 And I’d like to think that it came from somewhere, so pics like this are perfect proof!

I have an excuse!

But I really do like my Mum – she’s funny, and honest, and nags me about things that I (usually) need to be nagged about. Plus, now that I’m older, we can actually have some fun together! Not that we didn’t have fun when I was a kid, but different kind of fun.

Mum and I

When my sis and I were kids, my Mum was studying, and so every year we would have a day where she would take us out of school and do something cool with us. One year we went to some glow worm caves for the day, and just had fun exploring those. Another year we did a day trip to an island close to our house and had a pirate day 😀

She also took us tramping (hiking) lots. I remember once we tramped out to Totara Flats, and were camping out there. Someone had unfortunately decided we would be having beans for dinner….and I’m sure you all know the consequences of beans. But maybe you’ve never experienced it in a tent. We were laughing so hard we couldn’t unzip the door of the tent! Good times 😀

So yeah, here’s to my Mum, who is truly awesome, and a great role model to boot 🙂

I love you.

Me, Alex and Mum

(Currently listening to Daysleeper by REM)