Lucinda the Bush Fairy Now that I’ve asked her permission to write about her, I should really do it I guess 😛 Alex and I had a pretty unique childhood, living with my Mum and her partner for one week, and then our Dad the next, and so on and so on, and I think that it’s helped make me feel closer to her than to other people in our family. Even now, there’s things I’ll tell her before I’ll tell my friends, or ask her opinion on. Not that I don’t trust or value you guys, but it’s nice to have someone there who I know has to keep loving me no matter what!

So anyway, Alex. One of the things I love most about her is her sense of humour. That picture above is of one of her alternate personalities – Lucinda the Bush Fairy, who is a real crack up. She likes to frolic and prance through the bush. As far as I know she doesn’t do any gift giving or magic stuff, but it may just be because Lucinda doesn’t deem me worthy enough (highly likely!)

Alex and her 'homeware set' This pic was taken a few summers ago, in fact it might have been our last summer together in the same country, when we were down in the Marlborough Sounds. We (Mum, Alex, and I) have an evening ritual to go for our evening wonder around the neighbourhood (I’m sure its just so we can be nosy and see what all the neighbours are doing), and this one night we decided to have a competition, and see who could find the best treasure. I think I found some shiny shells or something, and I can’t remember what Mum found, but Alex, bless her, came up with this ‘homeware set’, which consists of (from the top):

– a door wedge (to keep the door open)
– 3 coasters (to put cups on)
– 2 hot pads (to put hot dishes on so as not to ruin the table)

I think I won, but she got the humour award 😀

Alex She also has the most awesome sense of fashion, as you can see here. Which I think is hilarious, considering she continues to ban me from wearing fleece, despite my love for it, and the fact that it actually looks good on me and is warm. Very practical! This one isn’t really fair, she does actually have a really good sense of what looks good – she’s gotten me through several important events looking good, even if she does insist on poking my eyes out with mascara (I can’t help blinking, really I can’t!)

Possibly the best thing of all about her though, is that she is an AMAZING chef! She seems to have this innate ability to know what things will taste good together. When she was a kid she was always inventing recipes (that actually tasted good!) (apart from the time her and her best friend Maxine made up this concoction of stuff they found in the garden and put it on my toothbrush :p) (and also the time her and our cousin accidentally put a cup of vinegar in the pikelets!) Getting back to the point though, here’s the cake she made me for a birthday one year. What I loved most about it was that it looked amazing (like one from a shop), but unlike one from a shop it actually tasted good too 😀

Alex's cake

But she’s also amazingly beautiful, loyal, gives good advice, and is a great sister to boot.

And I love her more than words can say.

Alex and I having facials