Jo, Diana, and ISo on Saturday (I was being organised for a change!) I got to hang out with my friend Diana. Diana’s one of my closest friends from when I was at uni. She’s crazy, just like me, and also has crazy hair, which I love, because I think it represents her mind brilliantly! (Sorry Diana, you know I love you though!). I don’t remember exactly when we met, she wasn’t one of the people I got lost with on the first day (those friends are awesome :p), but at some point we just started hanging out. She reminds me of my friend Maria a lot (hi Maria!), because they both have really interesting minds that work in different ways to my own, and I find that quite refreshing. Plus we both love children’s literature and the theatre. I also love that she is a research maniac, so whenever I see her, she’s always got something new to talk about!

She’s also a lot of fun to be around, we both enjoy doing crazy things together, and we seem to have truly bizarre conversations about the most random things.