CreativeMGE This is my friend CreativeMGE. She’s a BookCrosser, which pretty much automatically makes her awesome, but she’d be awesome even if she weren’t a BCer! I love her to bits because she is as crazy as I am! Plus we’re crazy in the same kind of ways! I don’t remember when I met her online, but it would have been on the fun and games forum which I like to frequent 😀

However, I do remember meeting her for the first time for real! It was the last day of camp last year (2009), and she was supposed to be picking me up from camp. Now, I was pretty sure she was going to be one of those people who were going to be late (no offense CMGE, you know I’m the same!), but I hadn’t been able to get a hold of her for a while, and I was starting to freak out that she wasn’t going to come at all. You know, I’m supposed to be being picked up by someone I’ve never met, and I only know from the internet! (No wonder my Mum worries about me!). So I was sitting on the side of the road, waiting and waiting (really, I was sitting by the side of the road!), worrying what I would do if she didn’t come!

After about half an hour (maybe 45 minutes!) I give up, and go and ring her from the pay phone. No answer at home (good!), and none on the cell phone (meep). I leave a message on her phone, and decide to join everyone else up at the pool 😀 Just as I head up to the pool with S’mores (yeah we had camp names), she pulls up. Major relief!!!

And after that it was all good! We’re both extreme night owls, so we did a whole heap of really cool stuff at night 😀 Like go on a tour of the monuments around DC at around 2am. Well we started at 2am, but it took us a while, so ended up back at home at around 4/5am 😀

And another time we decided we were really craving the beach (I live on an island and hadn’t seen the ocean in at least 2 months) and stars (we have these things here, you can see them in the sky at night!) so we drove out to the beach in the middle of the night to listen to the waves, and watch the stars. Well I listened/watched for about an hour (if we’re being optimistic!) and then woke up just as the sun was starting to rise. It was beautiful! Once the sun had risen all the way up, we drove home again. And this isn’t like driving to the beach here, we had to drive (well she did, because I didn’t drive then :p) at least 2 hours each way!

She’s one inspiring woman! She even helped to inspire my other blog, Hello It’s Me because I love sending/replying to her emails 🙂 We always seem to be talking about interesting topics, which make me think!

Plus she’s not averse to sitting and watching squirrels 😀