So at my work we have this big truck. And I’m not kidding about the big bit! We use it to carry all our stuff around the country. So every school we get to, we have to unpack it, and then pack it up at the end again. It’s much easier when we’re at a school for a few days, because unpacking it, teaching all day, packing it up and driving to the next day every day for a week (or 4 or 5) is kinda tiring, as I’m sure you can imagine!

So anyway, today, I managed to completely unpack the entire truck by myself! Which I’ve never done before! (OK I had help with a couple of things, but only because it’s almost impossible to get these things on/off by yourself. Also I finally figured out how to easily undo the straps we use to secure things to the walls of the truck 😀

And the biggest thing? Nothing fell off (an eternal fear of mine) and no one got hurt!