WomblesNow that I’ve done Skyring (it’s not as bad as it sounds, he considered knocking me up last year!), it must be time for Wombles 🙂 I met Wombles at the same time as Skyring, as it happens (that convention has a lot to answer for!), and she is even more awesome than he is, if that’s even possible! Kind, extremely considerate, a fabulous listener, and a wonderful friend. I’m lucky to have her!

One of the things I love about her so much is that she sends the most fantastic postcards! When I was working in the US last year, she sent me regular postcards, all covered in little stickers (how can you not love smiley faces  everywhere! Especially when you’re a stationary freak like me :D).

I was lucky enough to see her again last April, at the Christchurch convention, where I got to share a gondola (say it with me, ‘gon-dola’) ride with her. Considering how scared she is of heights, she did extremely well! Especially when we started rocking it :p (no, we didn’t actually).

And, with a bit of luck I’ll be able to see her this year too!