giapo goodness I got to hang out with my BBFF Alkalinekiwi again today. We had a girls day and went shopping (I had 2 pairs of jeans neither of which were appropriate to wear outside!). I found a pair of jeans and a really nice top (which isn’t fleece OR blue *shock horror*!), some soap from Lush, and a christmas gift for my Dad (go me!). I had also begged A-K to go back to Giapo, we’d gone there last weekend when we went and saw Shrek 4 (which is good!) and I fell in love!

Giapo sell the most delicious gelato I have ever tasted! In fact, they’ve even given me another reason to come to Auckland (first one being Alkaline-kiwi)! Today I had blueberry, BP, and tiramisu. All their fruit flavours are made with real organic fruit (they trade fruit for gelato with people in the wider Auckland region), and the blueberry I had was insanely good! The mandarin I sampled was delicious too. The BP one is one of their current affair do’s, with $1 of every sale of that flavour going to the Alabama Coastal Foundation who are helping with the care of animals after the oil spill in the Gulf. How could it get better, I get to enjoy the taste, AND feel good about it! And the tiramisu had exactly the right amount of coffee flavour in it, not too much (for a non coffee drinker) but enough to taste it 😀

While we were there, I got my computer out (gotta love the free wifi!) and started tweeting. Whilst I was doing that, the owner, Giapo came over and saw us taking photos. He started talking to us, and was really friendly! Not that I was that surprised, he makes incredible gelato, and seems to have an incredible following on twitter and facebook!

So yes, if you are ever in Auckland, you should definitely go to Giapo’s and get gelato (but I’m warning you, it takes about 20 minutes to decide what flavour/s to get, there are SO many good ones, and they change!)