'capture the flag'Of course, being the history geek that I am, I’m going to celebrate the LAST 4th of July, which is far more meaningful to me! This time last year I was working in a summer camp in the USA, and because July 4th was on the weekend, we celebrated it a bit early. Now, apparently our camp had a few July 4th traditions, primarily being that the international staff would go and *borrow* the USA flag, and raise another one instead.

So, at about 11pm (yes, after curfew!) me and another counsellor snuck down to the flagpole and took down the American flat, and raised up one we’d made using bandannas of all the international staffs flags pinned to a bedsheet. We then stole back to our cabin, took this picture, and stowed it under my bed (no, it wasn’t touching the ground) Of course we returned it later, but it wasn’t there on July the 4th!

On the actual July 4th, the camp had organised for a trip to DC to watch the fireworks that I’d signed up for. Of course we all got horribly lost and couldn’t find any of the other groups, but there was quite a big group of us sitting together. Well, after chugging down my orange cream soda which I apparently wasn’t allowed to take in because it was in a glass bottle! I had a ball, especially after deciding to cover myself in NZ flag (fake) tattoos (gotta be the right day to show some national pride right!) 😀

The fireworks were pretty cool too!