For the first time since January I’m working over a weekend – I got two days off in the middle of the week which was AMAZING! But now it’s Friday, and my body is telling me that it ISN’T a Friday, because I have work tomorrow! Which is weird for me, because I’ve never had a job before where I’ve worked the same days every week for a long period of time. OK I worked the same days every week at camp last year, but that was only for 10 weeks, hardly a huge length of time (especially since after that I travelled for 3 months and had NO schedule!)

It’s kind of crazy that this job has provided me with routine, because my job is anything but routine. The number of schools we go to in a week changes, what kind of venue we set up in, how big it is, how far away we have to park the truck, the kids, the helpers, where we’ll be staying, how many hours I’ll be working that day. All these things are extremely changeable. Not to mention all the other stuff that can go wrong in a day. Or a week.

No wonder I love going home so much!