Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Te Papa, it is a fantastic museum, but I’ve found another one that is almost as cool!

Yesterday was my last day off in Auckland, and my friend Alkaline-kiwi asked what I wanted to do, and I chose this museum, because I’m a total War Memorial geek (speaking of which, I must go and log this landmark over at Markeroni!). It was fantastic. I want to go back because there was not nearly enough time to see everything.

The war memorial parts were incredible, and I really didn’t get enough time to see all the stuff I wanted. Partly because we found the childrens area (for new readers I used to work in a family area in a museum while I was studying) which had LIVE animals! Including a moray eel and some really really cute rats 😀

Definitely want to go back, and spend the whole day there!