A little explanation to start us off perhaps! Last year I was lucky enough to work in a summer camp in the USA. It was a heck of a lot of fun, and I would totally do it again! While working there I made some friends (wow I hear you all thinking! :p)  and Crikey and Mavis were 2 of them. Not that those are their real names, we all had camp names (mine was Whaea!)

Mavis and I are both from New Zealand, and we travelled to camp together. She’s a teacher by trade, and we’re about the same age, and got on really well (thank heavens because we spent 5 days on a train together!). And Crikey is from Australia (sure none of you figured that out already!)

Anyway, a while back Crikey emailed us both saying she was going to be coming to Christchurch this weekend and then making her way up to Queenstown to do some snowboarding (I forget which). Somehow I mistook the date for next month and so hadn’t booked any tickets, but after getting a few messages on fb, I quickly rectified that!

So on Friday I flew from Auckland to Wellington, and then Wellington to Christchurch, and was picked up at the airport by Mavis. We spent a ridiculous amount of time chatting about travel (she did an incredible trip around Canada, Europe, AND Egypt, of which I am insanely jealous), didn’t get nearly enough sleep!

Saturday evening Crikey arrived, and we all went out together, me looking like a complete idiot because I didn’t have ANY nice clothes with me! Had a wonderful time anyway though, and it was so nice to see them both again!