I know it’s not a post day, but this place deserves a post of its own! Sunday night I got picked up from the airport, and we didn’t arrive at our motel for the night until about 10.30. So we were all pretty tired.

My boss rocked on up to the office before we arrived (I was helping to navigate in the truck), apparently the guy had no idea we were supposed to be arriving. Luckily there weren’t any other people staying at this place, so we still got 2 rooms.

Me and my colleague lucked out and got the ‘good’ room. And when I say good I mean the one without cockroaches. In our beds. Plus ours had a heater! Of course the heater was as loud as a truck, and didn’t seem to produce any heat, but it succeeded in keeping us awake most of the night. I finally fell asleep after putting on another couple of layers of clothing and filling up my hot water bottle, but I did NOT get enough sleep to work on the next day! Just to cap it off, the tap in the sink had more pressure than the shower, and went cold about half way through my shower 😦

The ironic thing: in the notes we had on the place, apparently a previous staff member had recommended this place!

So now we get to Tuesday. The notes for Tuesday’s accommodation read: “Doesn’t look great, but not a lot of choice here” so I’m all ready for another crappy nights accommodation.

But I was pleasantly surprised! Our motel room had a working quiet heater that was incredibly efficient, the beds had electric blankets, and although the beds were both in the lounge, the bathroom had a shower that had some pressure (and hot water!) and nice soap and shampoo and stuff!

Of course come about 6pm we were starving, so we headed into the town of Te Aroha, and as we were walking along the footpath I noticed that there was music playing. At first I thought it was just from one shop, but as we continued along it kept playing, and kept playing, and kept playing! Eventually we found an open restaurant called Ironique, which was AMAZING! I had the moroccan lamb which was delicious, and ginormous! Enough for my lunch today as well 😀 Mostly so that I could have room for dessert which was baileys bread and butter pudding, which didn’t look as good as the sticky date pudding, but was very good! (And the Russian fudge that we had for lunch today was insanely good too!)

So yes, you should all go to Te Aroha! (We stayed at Te Aroha Motel which I can recommend if you get on well with your co travellers!) (They also have a bookshelf there and I got 2 books :D)