I actually finished this blanket last week, but I like to wait till the person who it’s for has it already before posting pictures everywhere, so that’s why it’s taken me so long!

I learned how to knit last year when I was staying with Tzurriz, ok that’s not entirely fair, I’ve been taught a few times, but never really picked it up, but this time I had time on my side – I was spending a lot of time sitting on buses, and I can’t read on buses, but apparently I *can* knit! So I really got it this time. So after knitting several scarves, I kinda got a bit sick of them, and started a blanket, which is currently in hibernation, because I don’t really like what I’ve done so far, and will probably unravel it and use the yarn for something else.

Then I found out a friend was  pregnant, which gives me the ultimate excuse to branch out from scarves, and 9 months later we have this magnificent beast!