A while back I posted a poem for a friends daughter, Becky because I wanted to post something for her, but was having trouble putting anything into words.

I met Becky, her sister Cindy, and father Andy last year while I was working in the States, and we all visited one of the Civil War Battlefields, Antietam. It was a wonderful day, beautifully sunny, and I had an awesome time.

One of the memories I have of the day is driving back to get some dinner before returning me to camp, and Becky reciting that poem over and over again. Kind of annoying at the time, but I cherish the memory now.

I had been looking for pictures of that day on my flickr account, and was surprised that I could only find one of them, and not a particularly good one at that, but yesterday evening I was looking through iPhoto for some reason and suddenly came across a whole lot more, including some of the girls. Somehow they aren’t in chronological order, and while I knew there were some of camp right at the end, I hadn’t thought to look towards the end. I thought I’d uploaded all the pics to flickr, you know.

This is one of my favourites, it made me cry, made me think about how sometimes things don’t have meaning until later:

Later in the summer, Skyring was in the area, and he picked me up from camp, and we went and had dinner at their place. Earlier in the year he had broken his wrist, tripping over backwards, and so I tried to play a joke on him, by putting a sling on. Unfortunately for me, I left it too late, and he was standing at the health centre watching me do it, without me realising. I did, however, manage to fool Andy’s whole family, which I found surprising, considering he’s an ex EMT! Up until his wife asked if she should cut up my food for me, and Pete told me I couldn’t go on, so I took it off. And gave it to Cindy and Becky.

And so, I would like to celebrate Becky’s life. It was a short one, but she touched a lot of people in her short time, me included.