Day 03- A picture of you and your friends

This is a picture of all the Livejournallers that were at the Christchurch BookCrossing Convention in 2009. There always seem to be a few of us there, so at all the conventions I’ve been to we’ve had a photograph of us all together, so that friends who aren’t there can see what we look like.

Starting on the left, at the back, in bright yellow is Rubberchicken. He’s from the Netherlands, and I met him for the first time there, although I had chatted to him a few times online. He’s really into motorcycling, and had just finished a motorcycle trip around the South Island.

In front of him, in black, is K-J-H. We used to date, but are just friends now. He’s extremely smart, but drives me crazy sometimes cos he doesn’t realise how intelligent he is, and how much better he could do for himself.

Next to him is Moem, who is just plain awesome. Also from the Netherlands. We worked together on a project called BookCrossing Exchange, and had a great time. Almost shaved our heads for it to raise money, but luckily there was a slight difference in favour of not shaving, so we both got to keep our hair 😀 I’ve still got a box of purple dye she gave me somewhere 😀

After Moem we’ve got Sherlockfan, who was the one who got me into BookCrossing by leaving a book in the bus stop just down the road from my house (we used to live just around the corner from each other!), so she’s officially my first BC friend, and also the first BCer I met in person. She started our local meetups, and was the main person in charge of organising the Wellington Convention, so I have a lot of addictions/obsessions to thank her for!

Behind her is Mahinaarangi, who was another new person I hadn’t met before Christchurch. She’s a teacher, and I wish I’d had a teacher like her at school! Extremely funny, and with a slightly dodgy mind 😉 Which I love her for!

Behind her is Miketroll, from the UK. What I like about Mike is that he is extremely intelligent, but also really good at explaining things. Plus he tried to teach me dvorak, which I’m hopeless at practising, cos I’m SO slow at it, compared to qwerty.

Directly in front of Mike is Otakuu, who is wonderful. There aren’t enough words in the world to describe how wonderful she is. She inspires me, and also gives good advice 🙂

Then, in the green, we have FutureCat, who is a prolific BookCrosser. She’s released something like 4000 books into the wild. She’s also into crafting and cats, both of which I love 😀

Behind FC is Rarsberry, who’s cool 😀 I met Rars in Wellington at our convention here, and showed her around on the Friday afternoon, where she took a megaton of pictures. In fact I think the first picture I have of the Wellington Con is of Rars taking a photograph!

Next to Rars is Newk, who’s semi hiding. Newk also has a dodgy mind. I met him in Melbourne at a convention there. Friends with Skyring, and when they get together they always look like they’re plotting something. Which they probably are.

In front of Newk is Gizmopuddy, from Ireland. Irish accent, need I say more! Also has a heck of a sense of humour, and is happy with alcohol in front of her :p

Next is moi!

And then Alkaline-kiwi, who is my BBFF (BookCrossing Best Friend Forever). You’re probably sick of hearing about her, but she’s awesome. Dodgy mind and all. Met her in Wellington at my first BC convention. We’re about the same age (she’s about a month older than me), which is fairly young in BC terms, or it was when we joined anyway!

Next to her is Earok, A-K’s partner. He’s sweet, and cares about Kirsty a lot. He also makes her happy, which makes me happy cos she deserves someone awesome like that 🙂

Crouching in front in black is Libertine101. Cat obsessed, and is a librarian. Met her in Melbourne as well. Apparently I remind her of herself at my age, so I’m her Protojay. And yes, we both know that isn’t how you spell it.

To the left of her is Lytteltonwitch, who used to live in Christchurch. Also a prolific releaser! Extremely sensible, but also a laugh to be around. Just watch out for the fake breast that gets thrown around a bit!

Don’t really know Awaywithfairies that well, even though she’s been at a couple of conventions I’ve been to. She’s kinda organising the Sydney Convention this October that I’m really looking forward to attending.

Right in the front on the left is Wombles, who’s another sweetheart. I’d do pretty much anything for her. I can’t wait to see her again in Sydney, even though I’ll probably cry (again) when I have to leave.

And finally, Skyring! Crazy traveller, Convention junkie, drives a cab for a living, and I think he genuinely likes to drive, cos we’ve been on a few road trips together. And had a fantastic time on all of them! Planning the mother of all road trips for next year, which I am insanely excited about 🙂 We also co-write a blog together over at Hello It’s Me which I love 😀

And that’s it!