This photo was taken when I graduated a few years ago. With me are my friends Diana and Jo, who made it through the experience that is TColl with me!

I don’t really keep in touch with Jo that much any more, but while we were at uni together we were often in the same group…we both studied history at uni as well, so shared a few papers together there as well. I actually know her Jo’s Mum, as she’s friends with my Mum, so it was weird when we finally figured that out!

I’ve written about Diana before here, but she’s one of my best non internet friends. She’s got one of those minds that goes off on tangents all the time, and she loves research, so she’s a great source of random information. She’s also really smart and creative, although she doesn’t think so all the time! Diana finally got her dream job teaching in a Steiner School, where she teaches 7 year olds, which I think she’d be great at! It’s always really obvious when I catch up with her that she cares a great deal about what she does, as she stresses out about it a lot! But I think she’s a great teacher 😀 I know I’ve learnt a lot from her 🙂