Like a few things, it actually took me a couple of times to find WordPress before I actually really started to use it!

I think the first time I found it was when a friend told me about a community, the Temple of Solace, which I joined. I can’t remember if I ever wrote anything there, I remember feeling like what everyone else was going through was so much worse than what I was that I had no right to, even though at the same time I knew that was ridiculous. That’s how I first joined up with WP.

Second time I came on (with the same login still!) was because I was thinking of starting a travel blog (Kiwi, Not The Fruit), which I still *might* do one day, but as I have issues keeping the three I write already updated, I probably shouldn’t!

I came back to it this time because I knew I already had a log in, and domain name registered, and didn’t want to waste it! Also because my friend Skyring uses it, and says its good…which I agree with, although as I don’t really have anything to compare it to I guess it’s not really a fair call…but I am human after all!

Why I made it is slightly different I guess – I kinda wanted somewhere else where I could share stuff I was thinking about, I tried to think of another name so I would be more anonymous, but couldn’t really think of one that I really liked, and then decided it didn’t *really* matter if people found me…maybe that’s another reason I didn’t really share on TOS…