Hey everyone,

Sorry about this one being late, I got to last nights accomodation and we didn’t have any cell/internet reception, so couldn’t post it, even though I’d already written it!

I’ve been seriously, seriously looking forward to this one! So here goes:

1. Lessons In Love, Hope, and Faith, Pt. 2 – Snow Globe World (Sister Hazel)

I think this is the second time I’ve heard this song, and (similar to their previous album, Threeve) it’s taking me a while to get into it. Hopefully one day I’ll be randomly listening to the cd and I’ll finally get it.

2. Have you? – Earworms Musical Brain Trainer – Rapid Dutch Vol. 1

My friend Skyring sent me this CD after he was lucky enough to go to the Amsterdam BC Convention, and I asked him if I could borrow it. I’m half Dutch, and speak a little bit of Dutch, but wanted to learn some more. I’m actually finding this CD really helpful! (I can now say ‘I would like a tea with milk please’ and ‘Do you have a table for two?’, along with a few other phrases!)

3. Mystery – Brooke Fraser

A talented NZ musician, fairly mainstream. I like this song because it reminds me of a swelling ocean, something about the music. Other favourites of mine by her include ‘Indelible’, and the ‘C.S. Lewis Song’.

4. Kea – Graham Wardrop

This is off a CD of natural NZ birdsong played along side lullabies that I bought for Secret Santa last year. It’s really nice because it’s just all these natural sounds that plays continuously. Great to fall asleep to 🙂

5. The Lifting (demo) – R.E.M.

Not one of my favourite R.E.M. songs, but still good, nonetheless! I’ve got my Dad to thank for introducing me to R.E.M. Actually I keep thinking how similar my music taste is to his as I get older! There’s a heap of music on my computer that I remember listening to as a kid, or that I know he has now (like Brooke Fraser even!)

6. Dancing Queen – Mamma Mia Soundtrack

Yes, I admit it, I own the soundtrack! I really like it too! Great sing-along music to drive to (which is what I bought it for!), cos everyone knows the words 😀

7. Little Black Heart – Sister Hazel

Yeah, Sister Hazel are definitely my favourite band!

8. Listen To Her Heart – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

My friend Kirsty lent me the entire TP&TH collection after I told her I had one song by them that I enjoyed. So I then put them all on the computer, figuring I could just edit it later. Well, it still hasn’t happened, and so now I’ve got this HUGE collection of Tom Petty! According to iTunes I’ve listened to this song twice, and, now that I’m actually listening to it, I quite like this song!

9. I Could Not Ask For More – Edwin McCain

My friend Michael sent me some cds of music he thought I’d like a few years ago, and it has seriously influenced my music collection! He’s the one who introduced me to Sister Hazel, but even not including Sister Hazel I’ve discovered a whole lot of amazing artists! Edwin McCain being one of them obviously 😉

And finally! 10. *shame* Don’t Ever Step on a Snake – Don Spencer

I got this from an old job, we played this cd sometimes and I quite like it *embarrassed*. It has a collection of songs about animals from different cultures (it’s from the Putumayo collection if you know who they are). Mostly I have this for comic value 😀 Plus Skyring likes it 😛