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This is super easy. Physical contact is what I tend to crave, especially when I get tired. I just wanna snuggle, hug, I don’t really care, I just want to feel other people!


I guess first of all would be my past. I’m willing to bet that one one has had exactly the same experiences as I have. Although I know that I’m not alone in the things I’ve done/seen/experienced, I do think that we all take different things from different experiences. And I do believe that our past does make up a large proportion of who we are.

I also think that how I react to things makes up who I am, but then I think that this also has to do with out pasts, learning from both our and others mistakes/experiences. What works and what doesn’t.

My likes and dislikes. Again, I’m sure there’s nothing out there that ONLY I like or dislike, but it’s the combination that makes me unique.

Other than that who knows…upbringing I suppose, friends, how I see myself.

Definitely need to keep thinking about it (even if I’ve been thinking about it for weeks!)

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