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The problem was not that I needed to get down from the tower, but that I need to get back up into it.


I was out bringing the laundry in and managed to lock myself out of the place we were staying at that weekend. Of course, being me, my cell phone was upstairs in the locked house, we weren’t staying in a motel (so no spare key handy in the motel office!) and the downstairs bathroom window only opens about 10 cm (4 inches for my American readers). Also, the phone number of the owner was also locked inside.

Thankfully it was a bit of an apartment complex, so I go next door to see if anyone has a spare key or the owners phone number (there’s a note here saying please drive quietly down the drive late at night or the owners get irate phone calls, ergo, someone must have their number.)

Sadly, the owner is apparently in Europe currently. That rules that option out!

There’s still hope though, it’s a warm day and I didn’t close the upstairs bathroom window after showering that morning, so it’s open, and you can open it all the way out. Closer to a metre (3.2 feet), so much closer to being able to fit me though it!

Thankfully, the next neighbour with a car in the driveway has a ladder. So I manage to borrow the ladder to attempt to crawl into a window roughly 7 metres up. Did I mention the ladder is probably closer to 5 metres? Well it was.

After completing my masters degree in engineering to get the [insert expletive here] ladder open and extended (it’s not like my Dads ladder!), I of course realise that there is not a chance in heaven that I will be able to get from the top of the ladder to the window. Not without launching myself off it anyway! You’ll all be happy to know that I’m smarter than that!

The next door neighbours to us pulled up in their car, and I successfully managed to ask one of them to help me to see if we could extend the ladder up by bending it (at the moment it’s like an upside down V shape, and I know some ladders you can straighten out for added length, like my Dads!). Obviously I need someone to hold it for me if I want to do that though.

I barely have time to explain what’s happened and the man tells me his other name is Spiderman, is half way up the ladder and dangling through the bathroom mirror. (I should probably note here that the owner of the ladder said he was sorry he couldn’t help but he was on home detention and had a bracelet on so couldn’t leave the house. Hopefully him lending me the ladder will earn him some good karma!)

Spiderman opens the door from the inside and I’m back inside with the laundry. And yes, I returned the ladder!

I’m pretty sure that’s minus one point for the unwomanlyness, which is another story for another day.


I was at dinner with Mahinaarangi the other night (one of the best parts of my job!), and we somehow ended up talking about my bosses wheat allergy, and how scary it was when he was still trying to figure out what it was he was allergic to. That of course (for me anyway!) lead to the day it all went wrong.

First off all, we were seriously in the middle of nowhere. Not quite as bad as Naseby, but still a while away from anywhere. Google tells me 2 hours away on extremely windy roads (and I know they were doing road works on at least part of that road).

We’d had a relatively light teaching day, and had had some lunch, and started packing the truck. Obviously the boss man didn’t know about his wheat allergy yet, and while I can’t remember what he’d had for lunch, it seems likely that it had wheat in it now.

So, I’m packing stuff up in the hall, the boss man is the go between man, between the truck and the hall, and 2IC is in the truck putting things away.

Now, when I say the boss man has a wheat allergy, I mean like a real allergy, not that his stomach can’t process it.

Not terribly suddenly, but suddenly enough that it’s scary, the bossman is laying on the ground, in and out of consciousness (thank heavens he wasn’t on the loadlifter on the truck), and 2IC is seriously considering using the epipen the boss man carries with him (apparently still useful even when you don’t know what the allergy is to!). I’m talking to the office lady (my favourite people in the world!) who rings the doctor down the road (thank heavens for small towns!), who eventually show up with oxygen, connect him up to that, and call the ambulance (the next bay around has one).

Boss man gets taken off in the ambulance to the nearest hospital (thankfully in the same direction we’re going in!), and 2IC and I finish packing up the truck.

But wait, there’s more!

2IC is making sure the truck is all ready to go, walking down the side of the truck in full fluoro vest, orange shirt, plus he’s pretty tall, so not exactly easy to miss, when a school bus drives past, and manages to hit him in the head with the wing mirror. I thank the heavens that he’s not unconscious, just has a minor headache, because we have 2 vehicles, the truck and the car, and I’m only legally allowed to drive the car. Also, last time I checked, I can’t drive 2 vehicles at once! So he then has to drive an hour or so to the next town in the truck (it probably wasn’t really that far, but we were both driving pretty slowly, as I said, it was WINDY, and I suspected that the only ambulance in the area was in front of me! Also that we don’t really have backup staff. The closest airport was now about a 3-4 hour drive away, and if we needed someone to cover, how would they even get there! So if something (else) happens, it’s really, really, it is really all going to go wrong!)

I get to the next town, find 2IC, and he’s managed to park the truck at the wrong school. And to make matters worse, it’s now stuck in the mud. The nearest tow truck is probably still 2 hours away, and we don’t really want to wait and/or pay for the tow truck driver (the truck’s pretty big, you can’t just pull it out!). Thankfully this is farming country, so we manage to get a front end loader to pull us out (and all it cost us was a few beers :D). We park the truck up at the right school, and then head to the motel we’re staying in.

Just for the record, I don’t usually have to share a room. Perks of being to only woman on the team. So a 2 bedroom unit is fairly standard for us. But this being the middle of nowhere, there is really only one place to stay. And they’re completely booked out. So we get a room. Showers/kitchen in a separate building. One room. For 3 of us. And the room isn’t exactly huge either. It’s basically 3 beds (something to be thankful for I guess!) and a bit of space for our suitcases.

Plus then, obviously, the nearest hospital isn’t really in this town, it’s half an hour down the road! So 2IC then gets to go and pick the boss man up from the hospital in the middle of the night once they’ve released him.

I think we all slept well that night, even if 2IC snores!!

Right now (and for a while) my favourite song has been Beautiful Thing by Sister Hazel. Certain lyrics just make me happy when I hear them.

Here’s the video:

And here’s the lyrics (with my fave bits in bold)

Well I’ll follow you wherever
When you lead me by my nose
On another big adventure I suppose
Then you lay me down in clover
With their petals on my back
I should make some time
To do more things like that

Won’t you sing to me your poetry,
Won’t you take me to your home,
Won’t you be for me forever
So I’ll never be alone
And just one thing
If you’re my queen
Then it’s a beautiful thing

Well I’m buried in my bedroom
Under fourteen feet of clothes
I could drown in all this clutter I suppose

But then you’re standing in my doorway
With a suitcase on your back
And it blows my mind
When you do things like that

Won’t you sing to me your poetry,
Won’t you take me to your home,
Won’t you be for me forever
So I’ll never be alone
And just one thing
If you’re my queen
Then it’s a beautiful thing

Yeah, reminding me
Well I might be poor
But summers free
For me, I didn’t know I was sleeping

Won’t you sing to me your poetry,
Won’t you take me to your home,
Won’t you be for me forever
So I’ll never be alone
And just one thing
If you’re my queen
Then it’s a beautiful thing

*1 I love this bit so much I even made fan art with a clock I got for my birthday a few years ago!

*2 I love this bit because sometimes I’m the first verse and sometimes I’m the second. At the moment I’m looking forward to being the second! Even if it freaks me out to no end 😀 (which is one of the reasons I’m doing it)

Also, the fact that a friend of mine managed to get SH to dedicate this song to Skyring and I the only time I’ve seen them live makes it SO MUCH MORE MADE OF AWESOME!

I know this is probably not what they’re really asking, but I’ve been doing this for so long that I can’t do it how ‘they’ intended. Here goes:

1. Not so much learnt this, but I’ve re-learnt that I am really not that good at audio books. I keep falling asleep during Fragile Things (even though I am LOVING it!). I did well with Anansi Boys, but I was listening to that on my ipod while walking. Clearly I need to walk more!

2. The Mad Hatter is not only a character in Alice in Wonderland, but a character in the Batman comics too.

3. My sister got a job 😀 (this makes me happy!)

4. That it’s really difficult to stop using gender related pronouns.

5. Metals go first (so the element of surprise should really be MgO)*. In all fairness to my high school science teachers I probably had learnt that before, but I honestly did not remember it!

6. That the nurses at the blood donation place I use know that I leave books there and apparently sometimes take them.

7. There are going to be dinosaurs in the next season of Dr. Who 😀

8. That you shouldn’t feed honey to kids under the age of 1. Thankfully not because I did!

9. Who Michael Phelps is. (Thanks XKCD!)

10. How eager I am to be finished with this meme. I’ve got stories I apparently need to write down!

11. I can totally do macrons on my computer! What does this mean? E āhei ana au i te tuhituhi i te reo Māori! Aroha ki Otakuu mo tenei 😀

12. How little Māori I actually remember 😦 Clearly need to practice that some more!

*I was at school and a teacher was wearing a badge that said ‘The Element of Surprise: OMG’. I chuckled!

Me a year ago

…and more recently

How have I changed since then? I think I’ve become more of a geek since then. I’ve started reading comics and watching Dr. Who. I’ve kind of learnt how to crochet (but I can only make chains!) I feel like I argue less, and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but I do seem to be angry less of the time which is good! More frustrated at times.

Definitely less lonely. Those 3 dates were obviously good for me! I think having something to look forward to is helping too, and getting closer to actually being able to do something about getting there as well. Although I should really retract that after the dream I had last night. I woke up and it wasn’t real = sad face dl.

I feel like other people would be better at answering this question actually! Anyone?

At the moment I’ve got 3 bags with me, my backpack, my uniform bag, and my suitcase.

In my backpack you’ll find:
– house key
– work car keys
– deodorant
– wallet (for money)
– purse (for cards)
– plastic bag with petty cash and receipts (for work)
– altoids (mints)
– batteries (for my headtorch)
– moisturiser
– various painkillers
– sharpie (for wild releases)
– ear plugs (2 workmates snore)
– spare chapstick
– door wedge (not sure what that’s there for!)
– tampons
– camera
– headphones and ipod
– headtorch
– sunglasses
– water bottle
– fingerless gloves
– book I’m currently reading (Black Orchid by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean
– lunch bag
– notebook (for notes)
– pens
– USB sticks
– assorted important documents
– passport (in case I lose my wallet)

In my uniform bag is:

– work pants, tshirt, socks, shoes, belt, thermal underwear
– random sellotape

In my suitcase:

– clothes
– raincoat
– sewing kit
– Glee dvds
– a couple of books
– yarn and all that accompanies it like needles
– the rest of my work uniform
– palm sugar (from when I was at the bach a few months ago)
– emergency chocolate supply (out of workmates jurisdiction!)

Might be time for a clean out I feel!

Well clearly I think you guys are awesome! Otherwise I wouldn’t be friends with you!!

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