At the moment I’ve got 3 bags with me, my backpack, my uniform bag, and my suitcase.

In my backpack you’ll find:
– house key
– work car keys
– deodorant
– wallet (for money)
– purse (for cards)
– plastic bag with petty cash and receipts (for work)
– altoids (mints)
– batteries (for my headtorch)
– moisturiser
– various painkillers
– sharpie (for wild releases)
– ear plugs (2 workmates snore)
– spare chapstick
– door wedge (not sure what that’s there for!)
– tampons
– camera
– headphones and ipod
– headtorch
– sunglasses
– water bottle
– fingerless gloves
– book I’m currently reading (Black Orchid by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean
– lunch bag
– notebook (for notes)
– pens
– USB sticks
– assorted important documents
– passport (in case I lose my wallet)

In my uniform bag is:

– work pants, tshirt, socks, shoes, belt, thermal underwear
– random sellotape

In my suitcase:

– clothes
– raincoat
– sewing kit
– Glee dvds
– a couple of books
– yarn and all that accompanies it like needles
– the rest of my work uniform
– palm sugar (from when I was at the bach a few months ago)
– emergency chocolate supply (out of workmates jurisdiction!)

Might be time for a clean out I feel!