I know this is probably not what they’re really asking, but I’ve been doing this for so long that I can’t do it how ‘they’ intended. Here goes:

1. Not so much learnt this, but I’ve re-learnt that I am really not that good at audio books. I keep falling asleep during Fragile Things (even though I am LOVING it!). I did well with Anansi Boys, but I was listening to that on my ipod while walking. Clearly I need to walk more!

2. The Mad Hatter is not only a character in Alice in Wonderland, but a character in the Batman comics too.

3. My sister got a job 😀 (this makes me happy!)

4. That it’s really difficult to stop using gender related pronouns.

5. Metals go first (so the element of surprise should really be MgO)*. In all fairness to my high school science teachers I probably had learnt that before, but I honestly did not remember it!

6. That the nurses at the blood donation place I use know that I leave books there and apparently sometimes take them.

7. There are going to be dinosaurs in the next season of Dr. Who 😀

8. That you shouldn’t feed honey to kids under the age of 1. Thankfully not because I did!

9. Who Michael Phelps is. (Thanks XKCD!)

10. How eager I am to be finished with this meme. I’ve got stories I apparently need to write down!

11. I can totally do macrons on my computer! What does this mean? E āhei ana au i te tuhituhi i te reo Māori! Aroha ki Otakuu mo tenei 😀

12. How little Māori I actually remember 😦 Clearly need to practice that some more!

*I was at school and a teacher was wearing a badge that said ‘The Element of Surprise: OMG’. I chuckled!