So, we were at school, packing all our stuff away into the truck, and it was after school. Only one kid helping us. Now, most of our stuff is not hugely heavy, but it’s not light either, as long as you remember that inertia and momentum (see, I know some science words!) are your friends, it’s not too difficult to manhandle, or you know, persuade things to go where you want them to.

Added to that the fact that I had been doing this job for a while, so had built up the required muscles (mostly) to do what’s needed.

Me and this kid are pushing one of our heavier things down the ramp to the truck, and suddenly he comes out with this little gem.

“Wow, you’re really unwomanly”

The sad thing wasn’t that I just got called unwomanly (seriously, where does a 10 year old kid get that phrase from?!?!), it was that he meant it as a compliment! There was this crazy tone of admiration and awe when he said it! And to be fair to him, I’m pretty sure he clarified and added that he meant I was really strong, at least that was the impression that I got from him!