So I’ve had a major case of too much living and not enough time for blogging about it lately! No complaints from me though!

A few weekends ago a friend of mine and I did a road trip to New Plymouth to see the bossman in the play, ‘The Producers’. As my first road trip in the North Island (not including the approximately 9 terms worth of work I’ve done here!) it was pretty awesome!

The weather was pretty awful, but we had fun driving along, stopping at shops on the way and taking a few pictures. This one is my favourite:

It took us as lot longer than I was anticipating (7 hours instead of around 6), but we did stop and take photos, have coffee, and do a tiny bit of shopping. So we got there around 6.30ish with the play starting at 7.30. Just enough time to have a bite to eat, get changed, and head off to the theatre.

It wasn’t raining when we got there, but it was pretty windy, so we hurried in to the theatre and took our seats. I’d managed to get us pretty good seats, second row back in the circle to one side. My boss was playing Franz Leibkind, the German author of ‘Springtime for Hitler’ (the play within the play) and was FANTASTIC! (and I’m not just saying that in the hopes of a raise!). Enormously funny, and it was so much fun to watch him perform! We’re seriously under utilising him at work. Probably my favourite bit was getting to see him perform the songs I had been listening to him practice for the previous few months in the car. Seriously worth the 7 hour drive each way!

The following day we checked out at 10, and went and had breakfast at Salt, which was surprisingly not overpriced and delicious! I had the muesli with fresh fruit, and we shared a frozen chocolate mousse for afters (it was almost midday by then, so doesn’t really count as desert for breakfast!).

All in all, a great weekend away!