It started off with a facebook invitation to a surprise birthday party in Auckland for my BBFF (Bookcrossing Best Friend Forever), Alkaline-kiwi from a mutual friend and A-K’s partner Earok. After finding somewhere to stay (thanks Satan!) and checking out flights, I figured that’s what savings were for and booked flights to Auckland for the weekend.

Amazingly Jetstar only ran 20 minutes late on my flight there, so after grabbing my luggage, I got on the bus into the city. Totally weird for me, usually when I go to Auckland I get picked up by work; it kind of added to the excitement though! I managed to get off the bus a stop too late, but managed to find Satan (not his real name) and we took the back route to his place so A-K wouldn’t see me (we were very covert!).

When we got to Satans’ house I met Donna and her partner Andrew who were busy getting good ready. Donna had made these amazing blue cupcakes (2 flavours, vanilla with blue icing; and blue velvet) which were both delicious and looked awesome!

We hung out for a while, and figured out a brilliant plan for when A-K and Earok arrived. We decided that Satan would turn his playstation on and pretend he was home alone, then when they came up the stairs he’d turn it off so we knew when to yell surprise. After some debate on whether or not to also yell ‘Happy Birthday’ we agreed we would. We even rehearsed!

When Earok rang Satan to let him know they were coming over (something about them coming over for A-K to open her gifts) we all hid behind the kitchen counter and up the second set of stairs. I know my heart was beating like crazy with excitement by then!

Satan answered the door when they rang the bell and somehow managed to beat them up the stairs 5 seconds too fast! Then he forgot to check that they were right behind him and muted the playstation too early! Luckily there was a bit of delay before we all yelled, but they still weren’t up the stairs when we jumped out!

Here’s the video anywhere (I should warn you there’s a little bit of swearing from A-K!)

It was such an awesome party, and I had such a good time! Totally worth the cost of the tickets (and somehow Jetstar were only 20 minutes late on the way back too, it’s a modern day miracle :p)