So I’ve been laying in bed trying to sleep for the last hour, and I seriously wish there was an off button for my mind. Especially since I’m exhausted from doing the exact same thing the last 2 nights in a row and then having to go to work on ridiculously stupid amounts of sleep. So instead of brewing my own mind cider, I figure I’ll write it instead.

Here’s what’s on my mind:

1. The song by Amanda Palmer, obviously. (I can’t remember if this is SFW, but it’s Amanda Palmer so I’d guess not.)

2. Is Purea Nei in 3/4 or 4/4 time?

Google seems to suggest 4/4 time which I approve of.

3. What is the best way to get from Glasgow airport to the train station?

4. Does Glasgow only have one train station?

Wikipedia says no, it’s got 2, but 1 (Queen St) has most of the trains to Edinburgh.

5. Which phone company should I choose in Scotland? Which one did Alex use?

6. If I can’t sleep now, what am I going to be like when I actually get to Scotland? I’m going to have to have a holiday just to catch up on sleep. No-one is going to hire a zombie, even if I’m a cool New Zealand zombie…

7. What else am I thinking? Yes, I’m really thinking that. Now I’m thinking about that. Clearly I have been watching too much Doctor Who.

8. What stuff can I put on the maybe pile? Red BookCrossing bag? Death Paste tshirt? Katherine (my ukulele)?

9. How many pairs of shoes do I realistically need to take?

10. Why am I hungry?

11. What should I get people for birthdays/Christmas?

12. Yay! Kirsty might be coming down for my epic laser force birthday party!

13. I wonder when I should remind people who haven’t rsvped or have said maybe about aforementioned epic laser force birthday party?

14. Do I need a new backpack?

15. I wonder if I can fit everything I wanna take into Idris. (Yes, my pack is called Idris. I am a nerd.)

16. How much warm clothing do I need to take? Do I need a new jacket? Alex said yes, I want one that covers my bum for the cold wind but I don’t really want to buy another one. Why am I moving in the middle of winter?

17. Is that everything? Can I try and sleep again now?*


*I have no idea, but I figure it’s worth trying. See y’all when I’m a year older hopefully!