Waimate. Possibly the actual middle of nowhere. But I still got to spend the weekend there, and you know what – it was suprisingly good!

First off, the motel had a pamphlet with a historic walk in it. So rather than have to fluff around with Google Maps, the Historic Trust NZ website, I could just set off on Saturday morning and find them! Which I did, with only a small amount of difficulty.

The trouble started because obviously when I look at the Historic Trust website it gives me an exact address. This pamphlet did not. Some were obvious. Clearly the oldest (still operating) paint shop in New Zealand was going to be a paint shop on the corner of those 2 streets. But when said historic place is located by trying to interpret a map (so I know it’s between these 2 streets, but not sure where between them), and a painted over sign (thanks you Fritz’s Cycle Works*!) on the other side of the road.

I walked up and down the road trying to figure out where Victoria House was. Eventually I gave up, went in to a shop (and may have purchased a Christmas gift) and asked. She had no idea (recent arrival), but thought the owners of the bridal shop down the road might. So I walked down the road to ask, and ended up spending probably about 20 minutes in the bridal shop while we tried to figure it out. During this time I also got a lunch recommendation, and they even phoned the information centre for me to see if they knew which building it was in. No luck, but they promised to give me a call when they figured it out 😀

By this time it was (obviously!) lunch time, so I took the recommendation and had lunch at ARTrio. From memory I had a potato pastry thing, but the real highlight was when I ordered a coffee (this is new, when did I start liking coffee?) and it came with a picture of me on top!

After lunch, one of the cafe staff expressed their concern that I might not be able to find any vegetarian food in the town and also gave me a pineapple pastry thing (also delicious!).

Then I snarfed my way through the town, finding huge numbers of placques everywhere, so that made me happy too 🙂

*Apparently the sign was painted over at the start of WWI when the word ‘fritz’ became outlawed.