I’ve had this on repeat basically since I got my download code in early September.

This all kind of started a few years ago when Map of Tasmania came out. Before then I hadn’t really heard of AFP. And even after hearing it, I liked it, but wasn’t really inspired. Luckily, she came to New Zealand, and after hearing about her ninja gig (free! Who doesn’t like free stuff!), I went along. And pretty much became a fan straight off. Bought the Down Under Album and went to her gig the next night.

Since then, I’ve downloaded (legally!) everything she’s put out, went and saw the Dresden Dolls at the beginning of this year when they toured Australia/New Zealand, and have bought all of their cds as well. For the record, I’m SO glad I went and saw them live – it’s completely different to listening to their music on a cd player. Watching Brian Viglione drum is possibly one of the best things I will ever see, and somehow I have trouble hearing that energy in the cds.

So anyway, even though I’m a recent convert, I’m in love. There’s a lot to love – she has such a fantastic relationship with her fans through twitter/tumblr/blogging and to some extent facebook. I love that she’s so open, but also that she isn’t afraid to come across as human – completely flawed. But the flaws just make her seem more perfectly human. Also that she’s married to Neil Gaiman. SO JEALOUS, but holy moly they seem good together! (No offense to Sky but my happy place is here and here

And that was before I heard this album! This album makes everything up to now good, but kind of like it was leading up to something so much more. Which, luckily, this album is! I’ve basically had it on repeat for 2 months – the only time I’ve not been listening to it was because I had a long lone drive for work and really wanted to finish Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman on audio book, and a few times where I’ve been in the car with my very Christian workmate who really doesn’t approve of me listening to music about playing ukulele naked or sex or anything like that really (luckily I like him enough to not judge him for that…)

Favourite tracks: The Killing Type

I love the lyrics – “But I would kill to make you feel
I don’t mean kill someone for real
I couldn’t do that, it is wrong
but i can say it in a song a song a song”

Do it with a Rockstar

The video is epic! But seriously NSFW!

Want it Back

Again with the epicness of the (also NSFW) video – I love the stopmotion, and the lyrics are cool too:

“It doesn’t matter if you want it back
You’ve given it away
You’ve given it away
It doesn’t matter if you want it back
You’ve given it away
Away away away away away oh”

Trout Heart Replica

“…and killing things is not so hard it’s hurting that’s the hardest part”

For some reason I love this, especially in relation to Lost

“But nothing’s ever lost forever
It’s just caught inside the cushions of your couch
And when you find it
You’ll have such a nice surprise
Nothing’s ever lost forever
It’s just hiding in the recess of your mind
And when you need it
It will come to you at night

No one’s ever lost forever
When they die they go away
But they will visit you occasionally
Do not be afraid
No one’s ever lost forever
They are caught inside your heart
If you garden them and water them
They make you what you are”


I love the music for this, it makes me feel like I’m under the water, and I can’t wait to see them live in concert. Apparently there’s a truly awesome skirt Amanda wears while crowdsurfing so the entire theatre gets covered in fabric.

The Bed Song

I’m a fan of beds in general, especially comfortable ones, but this song is SO SAD! I promise to never let this happen to me though.

Massachusetts Avenue

The music for this just rocks. I’m often drumming along as I walk down the street listening to this!

Melody Dean

This song reminds me of a friend of mine 😀 And again with the drumming!

Olly Olly Oxen Free

I like that I have no idea what the lyrics are about, but still find myself singing along.

Denial Thing

One of the things I like about AFP is her use of humour in serious topics – Gaga, Madonna, Palmer: A Polemic springs to mind, and this song kind of fits in with that category. Kind of.

From St. Kilda to Fitzroy

Clearly Amanda likes Melbourne as much as I do! And this song feels so light and airy and perfectly descriptive of the Melbourne I love.

And yes, I know I’ve basically listed the entire cd!