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Well I just got an email saying I didn’t get the library job. I’m a bit disappointed, but not terribly so, because this means I can go to Sweden for a bit longer in April!!

I was so close to booking and paying for train tickets to go to the north of Sweden before the convention to try and see the Northern Lights, but luckily my internet broke before I could, and then when I was thinking about it later thought that I shouldn’t do it till I found out about the job. Mostly because if I go for longer I would have had to take more time off work.

So now I can go and book tickets and fun things like that!!!

Also I found a seriously cool job (ok it’s basically the same as my last job, but I might get to go to Abu Dhabi!) here:


It’s been a pretty eventful week!

Saturday I visited the Botanic Gardens which were cold, but still beautiful. Got to see some different kinds of plants, and saw squirrels for the first time since I’ve been here! I went with someone I met at the BC meetup (also the knitter mentioned later). I’m looking forward to going later in the year when things start flowering 😀

Sunday I went to a knitting group that had been recommended to me by a BCer at the meetup. I had an awesome time, got lots of knitting done and met some new people which is always good! In scarf news I’ve finished! But need to find a big enough needle to sew my ends in.

On Monday I had a job interview, which I think went ok. I’ll find out if I’ve got it some time next week hopefully. Unfortunately it’s been downgraded to weekend work only, so I’m still looking (well I would have been looking anyway) for work for during the week. I’m really hopeful that something will pan out soon!

Tuesday evening I went to a movie night at someone’s house (who I met at knitting on Sunday). It was good, we watched Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, which I haven’t seen in YEARS! And then we watched Black Sheep, which was all right, if a little too gory. Hilarious New Zealand accents though!

Wednesday I almost didn’t do anything but Sally *forced* me to go to Ukulele, and I’m SO glad she did! Met some more cool people, practiced the uke, and it’s encouraged me to practice some more! I’ll definitely be going back. Especially since one of the people there gave me googly eyes to stick around Edinburgh! Love me a good googly eye!

Thursday evening I was supposed to go out, but no one got back to me on where and when I was supposed to be going so I didn’t :p

Friday was really uneventful. Well mostly. Sally went out for her work Christmas do (they’re apparently not terribly organised!) and came home about midnight saying that the snow was deep enough for snow angels, so we all got dressed up and went out to make snow angels. There was also a small amount of snowball throwing 😀

The snow’s still here which I’m loving – it’s slowly melting where people are walking, but there’s parts of the Meadows which are still covered in snow and/or have snow people on them, and it’s really magical up by the castle. We’re supposed to get more this week too.

Last night some of Sally and Jochen’s friends came over for dinner and we stayed up WAY too late talking about travel. It’s gotten me really excited about all the travel I’m planning 😀 And some that I wasn’t planning but seems like it could be fun.

Job hunt is going slowly but surely. I’ve looked every day, and applied for something/s most days. People haven’t been great at getting back to me, apart from one person who I’ve been emailing backwards and forwards trying to get my cv to her. I don’t think I’ll get it because they want a registered early childhood teacher, but you never know!

I’ve also emailed someone on the gumtree language/skill exchange about learning Italian in return for English…

I’ve moved into my new flat!! I went to 3 places, 1 close to the city, and 2 a bit further out. The 2 further out were ok – there was one that had a really nice room with lots of storage space (exactly what I DON’T need!) but no common living space so I’d basically be stuck in my bedroom the whole time, and 1 which was nice, but further out of the city, and while the other person was nice, we didn’t really have anything in common. So I’ve gone with the slightly more expensive one that’s close to town (so easier to get to other places). 2 flatmates already, Sally, who’s English and just finished a degree (I’m pretty sure) in horticulture, and Jochen, who’s German. He’s studying his PhD in something to do with cells. The room isn’t huge but I don’t have that much stuff, and there’s definitely enough space for it all! Good incentive to not buy a whole lot more stuff! If anyone would like my address let me know 🙂

I’ve also got a job interview next Monday for a job as a library advisor. It’s in 3 separate libraries, none in the centre of the city, which is one reason I kind of wanted to be close to the centre. I have to make a poster advertising an event for 14-18 year olds, which is going to be challenging! That age group are so hard to engage. But I really want the job, so I’ll have to think of something good! It’s not quite full time, but should be enough to live on and have some time and money left over to travel as well. I actually applied for this job at the beginning of December, so I hope they don’t take too long to decide, I’d actually given up on it before I heard I’d made it to the next round!

I’ve applied for a few jobs (probably around 15-20) and have heard back from a couple, 1 had already found someone, and 1 is waiting to see if their insurance will cover my NZ license.

The BC meetup I mentioned in the last entry went well. They were all really friendly, and I’ve got a date with one of them for Saturday to go to the botanic gardens to either knit or look, depending on the weather. I took 2 books which brought me up to a grand total of 5 on me, and I’ve finished one of them. Need to make a journal entry for it actually!

Other things of note that I’ve been up to include several walks with an old family friend who’s daughter lives here (so he’s visiting her). One day we went all the way down to Leigh, through the park where golf was apparently invented (Leith Links for those playing along at home), and another time we went up Calton Hill and then down past Holyrood Palace, the Queen’s official residence when she’s in Scotland. We ended up at Dynamic Earth, a geology museumy thing. We kind of went in, but at £11 to get all the way in decided to come back when I’m earning an income!

I’ve also had a bit of a look through the museum. Easily my favourite thing was the Midsummer Chronophage, a clock that sometimes speeds up, sometimes slows down, but is always accurate to the 5 minutes. It’s both beautiful and functional which I love! My other favourite thing there was in the communication section, and was all about how long it takes to get messages places. There were 3 scenarios set in different time periods, 3 stages, and 3 options per stage. For example, you’re on a ship off the coast of Aberdeen some time in the 17th century, and have to get word to London to let them know about the threat. I’m definitely going to have to go back and have another look at some point!

Today I went to the library to have a look at their selection and managed to get myself a library card. Oddly here you don’t need proof of address to join, they just wanted to see one form of ID which was useful! I’ve also started the application for a National Insurance number, and went and bought some sheets second hand (less than £2 each!). I’m still trying to come up with an idea for an event for 14-18 year olds to make a poster for (I’ve been writing this over several days!). The library didn’t really have that great a selection of teen books I didn’t think, but whether or not that’s representative of the libraries in general here, or just the branch I went to I have no idea.

The flights weren’t too bad. Unfortunately I was flying Wellington to Auckland on Jetstar (I’m still trying to figure out why Emirates are partnered with Jetstar) and so my flight was inevitably delayed and I was the last one checked in and so stuck in a middle seat on the edge of the plane for the first 2 flights (also the longest of the 4). I was sitting between 2 kind of cute boys (1 from Australia and one from the UK) to Melbourne, then the one from Oz got off and there was an extremely quiet guy in the window seat. The good thing about the extremely quiet guy was that he didn’t get up ONCE during the entire 14 or so hour flight!

I had a 2 hour stop over in Dubai which was ok apart from loosing my new headphones I got for Christmas going through security. I had them around my neck after using them on the plane and took them off to go through the metal detector, and forgot I’d had them there. For some reason I thought all my stuff was just in ONE bin, but they must have been in a separate one, because I’m pretty sure I cleared my entire bin before moving off. And when I realised 20 minutes later they weren’t there any more 😦

My flight from Dubai to Glasgow was really good. I was talking to a lady in the queue to get on the bus (to get to the plane) and she gave me her email, so I’ve just emailed her. Everyone’s been super friendly so far 😀 On the plane I got a window seat, and to make things even better, the flight was only 2/3rds full, so the guy sitting next to me decided to move, so I got the whole row of 2 to myself 😀 I slept most of that flight which was good, it meant I didn’t feel like a zombie getting off the plane!

After going through customs (not too difficult), I got on the bus to the railway station (where I met the friendly lady again), and got off at the railway station. Where I met a fellow Kiwi (we are seriously EVERYWHERE!). She was really friendly as well, helped me get a ticket, and then we got on the train together. She (hilariously) works for a Science Education thing here, and told me about a possible job opportunity for the Edinburgh International Science Festival at the end of March to beginning of April. Hopefully I’ll have a job by then, but they also have volunteer opportunities, so it might be a good way to meet people as well.

After getting off the train I found the hostel easily. There’s a LOT of steps (77) to get up to it, and it’s a bit of a maze inside, but I’m slowly finding my way around! After checking in I went and got something to eat, had a shower, and went to bed about 5pm. I slept ok, I got woken up a few times during the night, but I slept until about 8am, so got a decent amount of sleep at least! Got up, managed to get dressed without waking anyone up I think, and then went and had some breakfast (porridge and tea!) before doing a bit of shopping (replaced my headphones, got a cell phone, and found Lush on Princes St (there was a really cute boy in there who gave me part of a bubble bar for free :D).

Now I’m supposedly job hunting, and flat hunting (well I sent one enquiry off to a flat), but am really doing this, and surfing the net…

Tonight there’s a BC meetup about 5 mins walk from here, so I’m going to that 😀

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