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Right, well it’s been a while since I updated (sorry!). First off (Dad and Alex this is mostly for you), I found the subscribe button on my blog so if you would like to, feel free to click the button to the left (at the top of the page) that says ‘follow’ and you will get my awesome blog entries delivered right to your inbox!

Last week was a bit up and down. Longtime followers (and other BookCrossers) might know that it was Becky’s birthday last Thursday which was sad. I tried to go and donate blood in her honour, but Scotland Blood Service needed to do a Malaria test because I lived in Zimbabwe for longer than 6 months (I think anyway, I can’t actually remember). I hope I don’t have malaria, Mum reckons we didn’t live in the malarial part of Zimbabwe, and the NZ blood service have been taking my blood for the last 10 years or so!

I got home from attempting blood donation and found out I had made the interview stage for the Science Communicator job at the Science Festival in the Easter school holidays. That was exciting! (more later).

IMG_9819Sunday I was still feeling blue (mostly because I wasn’t getting enough exercise and was eating crap food, which for the record I have fixed!) so decided to go for a walk. I looked up on my list of historic places (thanks so much to Linda for that!) in Edinburgh to see if there were any historic places I hadn’t been to in the Meadows, and discovered there was a sun dial close to my house, so decided to go and find it.

I found it easily enough and took a few photos of it. The light was amazing, enough shadows to make it look interesting.

While I was taking pictures a friend who I had been chatting to before I went out texted me saying she was on hold talking to the NHS 24 hour hotline (I think that’s what it’s called) because she had chest pains. I (obviously) asked if she wanted me to come over, and to cut a long story short got my very first ride in an ambulance. She was fine (ish, she wasn’t having a heart attack at least), and I got to spend a couple of hours reading One of Our Thursday’s is Missing by Jasper Fforde in the waiting room.

My interview for the Science Festival was Tuesday and I think it went well! There were 3 interviewers who were all really friendly. Mostly they asked about Science Roadshow (which makes sense lol!). Then I had to wait for a bit while they interviewed 3 other people. After that we all had to do a short presentation that we had prepared earlier. I did mine on inertia (thank you science roadshow!). Here’s my bit:

“Water? Did someone ask for water?
[walk over with plastic glass of water on a tray, stop suddenly and the glass falls into a bin positioned on floor in front of audience.] Lets have a look at what happened here. What stopped me from moving? Yes, my legs and the floor. What stopped the tray from moving? Yes, my arms and hands. But there was nothing holding the glass so it carried on. We have a word to describe that, inertia. All inertia means is that things want to stay in their current state of motion. So, if something is moving it ‘wants’ to keep moving and it will keep moving until something or someone stops it. This is why we wear seatbelts in cars. If we’re driving along, and the driver puts the break on quickly, your body will keep moving forward until something (hopefully your seatbelt) stops it.

I’ve made a bit of a mess now! I should really clean that up, but I don’t have a cloth on me. Wait a minute, here’s one. I’ll use this. [Pulls the table cloth away and the dishes and cutlery stay on the table.] Now, some of you may have noticed that the plate and cups didn’t move much but the knife and fork jumped quite a bit. Why did that happen? Yes, they are lighter. So the heavier something is, the harder it is to get it moving …… or to stop it from moving, because heavier objects have more inertia. Think of a steam train and a scooter. A steam train is hard to get moving, and it’s also hard to stop. But a scooter is easy to get moving and easy to stop, because it’s lighter and has less inertia.”

I know I spoke way too quickly, but I’m hoping they’ll put that down to nervousness (because it was lol!)

Interviews end today (Friday) and they’ll be discussing us all Monday and Tuesday, so I should find out early next week.

Wednesday was ukulele which was fun as usual but a bit different from other weeks. Usually we meet at the White Horse, but when we got there our room had been booked so we couldn’t go in there. Unfortunately they forgot to tell us before the first 2 of us bought a drink, so we had a drink there and then migrated over to No1 High Street (that’s the name of the pub). They had live music advertised from 9pm, but the thing at White Horse was only going till 9, so we figured we could play at No1 until 9 and then migrate back. We almost did too, but at 9 the live band showed up and didn’t mind us playing for a bit longer, so we did. Then they played, and we had a bit of a jam together. They were really good! So less playing from us, but I still had a good time!

Yesterday I had arranged to meet up with Bookfrogster (a bcer!) so we met at the library (we both needed to return books) and decided to do a walk around the New Town in a book BF had with her. It was really interesting! Probably my favourite place we went to was the Magdalen Chapel. The book said it had the oldest stained glass windows in Edinburgh (from the Middle Ages!) so we went in to have a look. About 10 minutes after we came in a group of German people came in and had arranged for a talk by the pastor (?), which we were told we were welcome to stay for. It was REALLY interesting, hearing about the history of this chapel! You should go look at the website, because this is getting slightly wordy, but seriously, fascinating history. I could probably write another blog entry on it!

Today I have grand plans to do laundry (half done), and then I’m off to the museum because it is a perfect day for it! Later I’m having dinner with some of Sally and Jochan’s friends, and tomorrow some of us are planning a trip to the Rosslyn chapel. There’s also a OBCZ in Roslin that I want to have a look at 😀


Some of you probably know that I’ve been learning the ukulele. Well I’ve been really slack, and so part of my 30 before 30 was to practice more. Since moving to Edinburgh I’ve started going to a ukulele group (not classes, we all just go along and have a jam). I’ve been having a great time, and it’s been making me WANT to practice (also someone is bribing me with googly eyes – thanks Lins!).

I’ve also, in accordance with Neil Gaiman’s New Year Wish (bravery and joy for those that don’t want to click the link), have been trying to do things that scare me, so am posting this video of myself singing ‘Amazing Grace’. Please be kind! I’m not the best singer in the world.


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