Last week was possibly the most insane and most exciting week this year yet (apart from perhaps the week I moved from NZ to Scotland that is!)

Monday saw me at a job interview with a woman having major surgery in a few weeks with 2 preschoolers. Hubby is massively busy with work for a while yet and so they’re looking for someone to basically be the parent while their kids are awake until the Mum is recovered. The interview went well, I really liked the woman, and we sat and chatted for about 2 hours. One of the longest interviews I’ve been too! She got back to me Wednesday while TCM and I were at the museum (it’s coming up!), saying I hadn’t got the full job, but offering me one day a week on Sundays (actually she meant Saturdays as I found out Thursday) which I took. So YAY for job! Even if it’s just one day a week.

Then after the interview I had to come home and clean, get groceries, AND try and get an early night (it didn’t happen sadly!).

Partly because Monday evening I went to a really interesting talk with Bookfrogster (a bcer also keen on history) at the Royal College of Surgeons for International Womans Day. The first talk was all about ‘the female malady’ and was about mental illness focusing specifically on the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. The second talk was about 3 specific woman – James Miranda Barry, Sophia Jex-Blake, and Elsie Inglis, who were all fascinating woman.

Tuesday my friend, The Chief Markeroon flew in for a 2 day visit on her way to her parents house further north. I had agreed to go pick her up from the airport (somehow it took her longer to get here from the USA than it took me from NZ…) so I caught the bus out to the airport to pick her up, arriving earlier than we had arranged, but still after she had got through customs etc and started reading a book.

I was expecting her to be a lot more jetlagged than she was so had only planned one major snarfari, but she was raring to go, so we came back to my place to dump her luggage, had something to eat and were out the door again on what is definitely the longest snarfari I have ever been on. I still haven’t figured out exactly how many historic places we took pictures of, but we have been accused of “tak[ing] a photo of every single building on the entire street!”, which to be honest is what we did!! It’s not *my* fault that almost every house is listed here! For those playing along at home we went along Leven St, Home St, Lauriston Place, Forrest Rd, George IV Bridge, then down the Royal Mile all the way to Holyrood Palace. We were planning on coming back via Queens Drive but we were both exhausted and could barely walk at that stage. So we caught the bus back to my place.

Museum High TeaThe next day I whipped onto the computer and booked us into High Tea at the museum. I was a bit dubious about these, it always looks like a very small amount of food for an exorbitant amount of money, and even this looks that way. BUT, we were both stuffed by the time we had finished all those delicacies. I got to try clotted cream for the very first time (and liked it!). The chocolate mousse (top center) was amazing, even though we both got white chocolate powder all over ourselves, but I think my favourite was the scones with jam and clotted cream.

After fortifying ourselves we went up onto the roof to have a look at the view and stayed up there for about 2 minutes – it was COLD! And we couldn’t really see that much because the low cloud was low.

When the cold got too much for us, we headed downstairs and out of the museum to snarf our way along Princes St. East Coasters I should warn you that pretty much every building on that street is historic as well (I haven’t got that far in logging yet!). We hadn’t really picked our time very well, rush hour had just started and of course (almost) every single bus runs along Princes St, so we had a few problems at the start, but it lightened down as we went further along. Princes St is probably the best road for snarfing along here, there’s only buildings on one side, and the other side has statues/monuments on it, so you don’t have to continuously cross the road to get decent pictures. Unfortunately we were battling with time as it started to get dark, and towards the end all my photos have these amazing balls of light from the street lights attached to the buildings.

By the time we got to the end of PS, it was almost completely dark, so we made our way back to my place for soup for dinner. After dinner TCM took me through the catalogue (which I think I mostly got), as well as some of the new features she’s working on at the moment (they look seriously cool!).

Thursday morning I dropped TCM off at the railway station and headed back to my place for a couple more hours of sleep before heading off to ANOTHER job interview, this time for an after school care at a school. That interview went well too, and I found out Friday that I had got that job as well. Apparently after the interview they had all agreed I was awesome 😀 [small preen] The good news just keeps on going, my old boss from Science Roadshow (he of the wheat allergy aka bossman) has sent me a truly fantastic reference – the woman he sent it too said it was the best she’d ever seen! Thanks Bossman!!

Thursday evening I dragged myself out of the house for BookCrossing meetup (I was trying to keep myself on a slightly normal sleep pattern and didn’t want to go to bed too early, but also I’m a big fan of BC obviously!) which was fun 😀

Friday I did basically nothing – well that’s a lie, I started logging my hundreds of snarfs from the snarfari, and did a bit of reading (just finished Ink Death by Cornelia Funke, it was good!)

Saturday I had a delicious spiced orange hot chocolate at the Chocolate Tree with LittleSuz from BC to hand over my Italian phrasebook. Definitely going back to the cafe!

Sunday I had knitting – there were only 2 of us, but I got a significant amount of my hat finished (all done now!) and I’ve now started my yarnbombing projects to take to Sweden in only 5 weeks (on Friday!)

Monday and Tuesday I was waiting to start work but they needed my references to come in, so today is the day! I’ve done some baking (nothing like home baking to get people to like you right :p) and am super excited to finally START WORK!!! Plus uke tonight and I haven’t been in 2 weeks because of cold and TCM 😀