I have had the busiest week in a LONG time (thinking about it, probably the week before I left NZ!).

Sunday I finally got a hold of Pete to tell him my exciting news. After being told that school holidays managed to almost exactly line up with when Pete was planning on being here, I had managed to work up the courage to ask one of my employers for the Saturday he was here off so we could book a trip to Gallipoli! So we spent lots of time planning 😀

I also had to work on a new idea for the library interview on Monday. After a lot of freaking out about it I had to hand draw my original idea because I hadn’t come up with anything I liked enough to use.

Monday morning I caught the bus out to the library after getting not enough sleep, and when I got there found out the interviews were actually the next day. So I got to schlep myself back home for another hours sleep, and to try and keep working on the poster (because I then knew the people who would be interviewing me would be the same as the previous interview). After an hour sleep I went in to after school care and was only slightly zoned out! Luckily I was on snack, and the kids don’t know me well enough yet to know that usually my memory isn’t quite that bad!

After work I caught the bus into town (it was snowing like crazy, in fact it looked exactly like it does in Christmas cards!) and met TCM who was back in town for a night before heading home early the next morning. I was a bit of an appalling host, I was so tired, and so distracted trying to get ready for the interview the next day. I did manage to get another poster ready, and I managed to get out of bed at 4am to say goodbye though! And the macaroni and cheese I made for dinner wasn’t too bad either!

Tuesday morning saw me back at the library for the proper interview. It was a bit average and I didn’t think I would get it (and I didn’t). Then back home and back to work in day 2 of the snowstorm. After 2 nights of not getting enough sleep I tried to go to bed early but failed to actually fall asleep because there was way too much going through my mind (primarily should I get any vaccinated for anything before going to Turkey – according to Pete (and his doctor wife!) I don’t need anything :D).

Wednesday morning was my first day at the play group I’m volunteering for. That was lots of fun! I got to play with lots of small kids, and did one on one for one kid who wasn’t have a great day. He was fine as long as he was entertained though. After that finished I went home to have some lunch, I’m so looking forward to getting my bike (oh yeah, I’m buying a bike!) because two of the jobs are really close together, but I don’t really have anywhere to hang out between, and home isn’t that far away either. Plus it’s along a canal, so no car traffic for Mum to worry about! I then caught the bus to a shopping center where I had arranged to meet someone I was buying a tripod off from gumtree. I completely failed timewise again and didn’t think about the bus times back, so the last bus I could catch to get back to work in time was 10 minutes before we were due to meet. Slight fail there! Luckily I did manage to get back to work in time, but I got the pleasure of riding in a black cab for the first time this year!

Thursday morning I got to sleep in until a decent time (10am oh year!) and after face painting at work (a couple of 8 year olds did a great design of a flower on my face, and a cool elephant on my hand, and I did a couple of cool designs on them too!) I got seriously lost trying to find the Australian woman I met at the yarn festivals house to talk about looking after her kids during the holidays and some mornings before after school care. I got amazingly lost (I had to ask for directions 3 times even with a map book!), enough that I’m mentioning it twice :p I did find my way there eventually, and we had a nice chat, and I got to meet one of her sons (the other one was sick in bed asleep). He is SO gorgeous and tickly, and we (the Mum not the son!) worked out some hours for the holidays 😀

Friday morning I got to sleep in again and then went in to work for the afternoon. I did face painting again, and mistakenly let the 5/6 year olds loose on my face. They went slightly mental and I ended up covered in brown and green and purple, all covered in gold glitter. And when I say all, I mean face, ears, neck, hands, forearms, all. I managed to get most of it off, but holy cow does that glitter stick! You’d think that because the glitter was over the top of all the other paint it would come off if I got the paint off, but you’d be wrong! It ended up all over my face, down my top (even where they didn’t paint thanks gravity!). After work I headed to my ukulele groups first birthday and we had a great strum along.