I just realised that I’ve left a bit out of my report of Devon, and figure it’ll be easier to write an addendum rather than edit it!

When I was working in the Scottish Borders, one of the kids kept asking me to knit them a teddy bear. At the time I was knitting something that still hasn’t arrived yet, so I can’t name it, but needless to say I didn’t have any extra yarn with me.

However, once I had finished the gift that must not be named, I still had a heap of some of the yarn left, so I figured I could go ahead and knit a teddy bear. Unfortunately, when I went to start the bear, I realised I hadn’t downloaded the pattern, and there wasn’t any wifi where I was, so I had to adapt another pattern slightly. Hence, the creation of the Cyber Teddy! Part Cyber Man, part teddy bear (hopefully the Cyber Man won’t try and convert the teddy part!). Also unfortunately, the green is slightly zombie-ish, but I think I worked around it!

Once I had finished knitting this amazing creation, I had to decorate it, and this happened in Devon. Happily, T is also a crafter and so had buckets of buttons and ribbon to choose from, and I eventually went with these!


The zombie cyber teddy!

I’m told that it’s now been named “Ted”!