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I know I’ve been really slack in posting, but I swear I’ve been SO busy having a good time that I have an excuse. I HAVE been pretty good at uploading pictures of the places I’ve been going though, so if you want to see, have a look here. That link will take you to a page with my photo albums on it, so you can have a selective look if you like! I really don’t expect anyone to look at them all 🙂


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  • It's entirely possible that this only makes sense in my own head... 1 day ago
  • Also wizards not allowing other magical groups to have wands??? 1 day ago
  • The 'goblin made objects should return to the maker' POV is interesting in relation to how dif groups believe some info shouldn't be shared 1 day ago
  • Reading Harry Potter while studying information policy has been super interesting! #whowouldhavethought 1 day ago
  • 1 assignment down, 2 to go... #studentlife 2 days ago


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