I had decided to get the ferry to Jersey, so got a taxi to the ferry terminal in the morning. I got there in plenty of time, and got on board fine. Found a seat opposite someone who was moving to Guernsey for work and we chatted a bit. When the ferry left, I took some pictures over the side, and then after an hour or so started to feel slightly ill (pretty normal for me, I don’t really like large boats, but can tolerate them) so I went and found somewhere to lie down. The ferry wasn’t that full, so it was pretty easy! I slept/listened to music the whole way, and once we arrived in Jersey, I grabbed my things and found the bus terminal.

On the bus I discovered the my cell phone didn’t have any reception, but managed to borrow a phone off the person siting behind me (who didn’t speak a lot of English!) to let the people I was meeting know that I was on the bus.

He got the message ok, and met me off the bus on a bike. It was a bit of a walk to where we were going (maybe 15 minutes with all my things, and I was glad I had left my ukulele in Cardiff!). We got back to the house and had some dinner, and chatted a bit, then went to bed.

The house we were staying in was the same house we were working on, so it was an interesting experience! My bedroom had a wall missing, and was closed off with a curtain. It was over the kitchen too, so I heard pretty much everything that was going on in there if I was in my room. There wasn’t any heating (although plenty of blankets!), and the kitchen had no sink or running water so we were using the downstairs bathroom to do dishes and get water from (it was right next to the kitchen, so not too inconvenient). I did know that it would be like that, as I’d skyped with K (one of the people I was working for) beforehand, so it wasn’t bad, and as we were all living in the same conditions, I wasn’t bitter at all!

I don’t feel like I did a lot of actual work while there, although I did a bit of painting/gardening. There was another French guy also working there, and him, K, and S, were much better at house renovating than I was, so I got to look after A, K & S’s daughter a lot, which as I say, didn’t feel like work, but meant they were able to get on and be productive, so I wasn’t a complete waste of space!

I thought Jersey was absolutely beautiful, and we did a couple of walks along the coastline which were just stunning.


Plemont Beach



Plemont Beach



Looking West from St. Mary



Looking West from St. Mary