Yes, I know I’ve been a very slack blogger. I’m still determined to finish writing up about my travels (I’m only a year behind woo!), but in the meantime, I should probably write about life since I got back to NZ last April (2015).

After spending a little bit of time job hunting I got a casual job at a university library, and continued to job hunt for a couple more months until I got a permanent almost full time job at a public library. I’ve now been working there for 4 and a half months and am absolutely loving it! The people I work with are lovely (and I’m not just writing that because there’s a chance they might be reading this!).

I got a flat that’s about a 10 minute cycle from work, and am borrowing a bike from my Aunt (who lives just around the corner which is fab) until I’ve been in my job for a couple more months when I’ll be eligible to get some money back from work to buy my very own bike. I’ve somehow managed to amass a HUGE amount of cycling gear for someone who doesn’t currently own a bike, but it’s all very useful, mostly from keeping Mum worried about my safety cycling everywhere.

I’ve been enjoying my job so much (it’s the first job I’ve had where I feel like the skills and interests I have match up so completely with what I’m doing) that I’ve decided to go back to uni and do a postgraduate diploma in library studies. That starts in a couple of weeks, and I’m doing it by distance and part time, which will help fill in all my free time that is otherwise being used on facebook it seems!

Having now been back in NZ for 9 months, I’ve got the travel bug again, and am planning a trip to the Netherlands (to visit family), France (for a BookCrossing UnConvention), and Edinburgh (to visit friends) in October. I’ve almost got it all planned out, but am still waiting to hear back from a few friends who I’d like to see but have to decide where (no pressure, I know it’s still AGES away!).

I’m still really loving being back in NZ. Everywhere I go I seem to meet people who know someone I know (yay 2 degrees of separation) and it’s so nice to be close to most of my family, even if we all seem to be so busy we don’t see each other as frequently as I would like :p