I like to make up witty (imo) categories but thought people might want to know what they’re actually about, so here goes:

30 before 30: my list of 30 things I want to do before I hit 30. Officially started now that I’ve turned 27 and have 3 years to go! Still an uncomplete list though, I figure I’ve still got a few years to think of some more stuff 😀

30 days of me: a meme I took part in that took me a long longer than 30 days, but I did finish it!

Banana Pancakes: Food related things. Taken from the song by Jack Johnson.

Beautiful Thing: the name comes from one of my favourite Sister Hazel songs. Generally things I think are awesome and want to write about.

Celebrate Good Times: Fun times/experiences.

Leaving on a Jet Plane: Non work related travel that isn’t a really long trip. Basically weekends away.

On The Road Again: Experiences while working for the Science Roadshow.

Poetry: hopefully fairly self explanatory. None of it’s mine.

There and Back Again – A Scottish Tale: Taken in celebration of the first Hobbit movie being released smushed together with the Scottish Play. Me trying to be clever basically :p And it is/will be stories related to me living in Scotland.