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The second ever road trip Skyring and I did together, I somehow got put in charge of snacks, so the wonderful Tzurriz and her 2 kids (at the time) took me to Trader Joe’s to load up on yummy things like dried banana slices (not like banana chips, much more moist), mango slices, biscuits (cookies), and, possibly the coup de resistance, chocolate coated peanut butter filled pretzels. I don’t think we came close to eating it all, but ever since then, the chocolate coated peanut butter filled pretzels have been the in joke for road trip snacks.

So when I figured out that Skyring and I were going to be doing another road trip in Turkey, I was determined to try and find them to take with me to Turkey. My first attempt to get them was to ask Linda (last visitor) to see if she could find them in the US before she came over, but she couldn’t find them. Next, I had a look at the American Candy Store in Edinburgh. I found chocolate coated pretzels, which would have been fine if they hadn’t been £5 for about 100 grams. So then I decided I should just make some.

So, for your perusal/deliciousness: my road trip peanut buttery chocolate pretzel goodness*

Makes 11.

1 bag of hard pretzels
300 grams of dark chocolate (I used cooking chocolate)
2 big spoons of good peanut butter**

Melt the chocolate and peanut butter together over a pot of boiling water (you can use a double boiler, but I just used 2 pots of the same size with boiling water in the bottom one), stirring constantly.

In cupcake patties, put a small handful (about 6-8) pretzels.

When the chocolate and peanut butter are melted together, spoon 2-3 spoons of the mix over the pretzels, making sure you coat the pretzels so they stick together.

Leave to set.

Enjoy! They’re quite rich, and I don’t think kids would like them, they might prefer them with milk chocolate!

*feel free to call it something else if you like eg dlrtpbcpg***

**I bought mine at real foods, and I think it’s organic and just has peanuts in it

***no I don’t know how to pronounce that either, especially with my New Zealand accent!


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