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I left Edinburgh Monday morning and other than having had way too much to drink and needing the loo about an hour into a two and a half hour bus trip, got to the Borders with no problems. I was met by L, the Mum of the family I was staying with outside the supermarket in Hawick. Thankfully the supermarket had a loo I could use before heading out to their place about 10 minutes away.

When we got there, I met J, W, and their son, A, from Australia. We all had some lunch (toast), then had a look around the property. Unfortunately because it had started to rain we didn’t really want to do any work outside, so J, L, and I made jam inside. I’d never made jam before, but it was surprisingly easy! I’ll definitely be having another go when I get back home. I even got to try a new fruit, damsons!

Once we’d made the jam and put it into jars, L went to pick up her 2 kids E and M from school. When they got back, we all introduced ourselves, and then E and I hung out and made loom bands (there was quite a bit of that over the 2 weeks!).

Putting in vege patches

Putting in vegetable patches.


Here you can see the various stages of putting in the vegetable patches. First we had to dig out the area to put the frame in (you can’t really see it here, but the plot is on a slope), then put in the preassembled frame. After that we put the soil back around the frame to hold it in place, and then W would put supports around the frame to hold it in place. Then we would either fill it in with soil, ready for planting, or put layers of cardboard, manure, and dirt into the frame. You can see me right in the background shovelling manure! We did that until Thursday (until we ran out of wood to build the frames).


Friday we started to build a polytunnel. Well, I say we! I mostly moved dirt around (lots of fun, really!) for the day, with short breaks to help measure things out.

Over the weekend I mostly hung out and went for a couple of walks.

Week two I tidied up an area next to the chicken coop. This mainly involved digging up some grass, planting two blueberry bushes, and laying some paving stones down to walk on. Then I covered the other half (where the remaining grass was) over with carpet to stop weeds growing up over the winter.


Laying the paving stones out before starting


Blueberries planted (last couple eaten!) & paving stones being dug in.


All finished!


These ladies were happy for all the freshly dug over dirt!


I also did a bit of weeding (which I actually really enjoyed, with the exception of fairly consistently putting my hands into stinging nettles!).

Thursday evening I went for a bit of a walk to have an explore. I managed to convince myself that I was lost, but had in fact been following the roads I intended to go down all along.

All in all, I was sad to leave. I had a really good time here!


My review of them: “I’ve just finished my first helpx here with L and her family. I had such a wonderful time, they were all SO friendly, welcoming, easy to get along with, and generally fantastic hosts. I was there with an Australian couple and their son and we probably worked about 5 or so hours a day leaving heaps of time to explore the area (Tom has maps of walks you can do), or hang out with the kids! L, T, and the boys were also kind enough to include me in their outings on the weekends. I couldn’t have asked for a more awesome group of people to start off my helpx experience.”

Their review of me: “DL has just left us after her 2-week stay on our smallholding. While she was with us she built raised beds, dug and prepared ground for planting, planted blueberry bushes, cleaned out chickens, cooked dinner, looked after the kids and, boy can she make delicious desserts!! It has been a real pleasure having DL come to stay. She is easy to be around, hard-working and good fun too. Good luck with your onward travels DL. X”


Worked in Hawick! Things I enjoyed: playing with the kids, putting vegetable patches in (it’s so exciting working when you can see the results as you go), cooking. Things that weren’t so great: constantly putting my hands into stinging nettles unintentionally, weeding the driveway!


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