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I just realised that I’ve left a bit out of my report of Devon, and figure it’ll be easier to write an addendum rather than edit it!

When I was working in the Scottish Borders, one of the kids kept asking me to knit them a teddy bear. At the time I was knitting something that still hasn’t arrived yet, so I can’t name it, but needless to say I didn’t have any extra yarn with me.

However, once I had finished the gift that must not be named, I still had a heap of some of the yarn left, so I figured I could go ahead and knit a teddy bear. Unfortunately, when I went to start the bear, I realised I hadn’t downloaded the pattern, and there wasn’t any wifi where I was, so I had to adapt another pattern slightly. Hence, the creation of the Cyber Teddy! Part Cyber Man, part teddy bear (hopefully the Cyber Man won’t try and convert the teddy part!). Also unfortunately, the green is slightly zombie-ish, but I think I worked around it!

Once I had finished knitting this amazing creation, I had to decorate it, and this happened in Devon. Happily, T is also a crafter and so had buckets of buttons and ribbon to choose from, and I eventually went with these!


The zombie cyber teddy!

I’m told that it’s now been named “Ted”!


I started work at the after school care on Wednesday and it’s going really well so far! Wednesday I got to do snack, which I was a bit freaked out about because there’s about 80 kids and no one told me they weren’t all coming in for snack at the same time. Thankfully, they only come in about 5 at a time, so I wasn’t too rushed!

Thursday I helped with the bake sale for comic relief. Pretty straightforward, I just got to supervise whoever wanted to help take money in exchange for yummy baked goods. It was easy peasy – the only difficult part was when a VERY loud 11/12 year old on a massive sugar high started harassing me for the last popcorn covered in melted marshmellow. She didn’t have enough money for it, and even if she had I wouldn’t have sold it to her! I’m 99% there won’t be any hard feelings come Monday (she wasn’t in on Friday).

Thursday evening I got an email saying I made it to the interview stage for the library job (same as the last job for the library, but at a different library). I thought about not booking an interview, but then figured I can go to the interview and hopefully either fill in some gaps (original thought), or stop working at after school care (Mum’s suggestion, because I’m still in my trial month and haven’t signed a contract yet), or not work at the after school care every day (new thought). Then I had to decide whether to use the poster I designed for the last interview or to make a new one. After thinking about it for a while I’ve decided to do something similar, but not exactly the same.

Friday was the most fun day of the week. School finishes early on Fridays so I get paid for longer, plus we were all dressing up for Red Nose Day so I got to wear my pajamas to work 😀 Plus a bright red dressing gown, which I mostly took for warmth (I didn’t know we were getting dressed up for RND), so it was a nice coincidence that my dressing gown was red. I’m so glad I took it because I was out in the playground for most of the day. But because I didn’t have disclosure (police check) until Friday evening when I got home, I’m not supposed to be alone with the kids so there was an extra person out there, so I got to run around and play with the kids. Lots of make believe (I think I drowned several times and was blown away by a hurricane at least once!), and quite a few questions from some of the older kids about New Zealand. Possibly the funniest bit was when they asked me to talk “New Zealandish”!!

Today was the Edinburgh Yarn Festival. I haven’t been to a yarn festival before, but was curious to see what they were like, plus I was looking for some yarn for a special project (which shall remain nameless because it’s for someone who *probably* reads this), plus I knew quite a few people I knew were going and figured it would be nice to see them! I had a great time, bought 2 balls of yarn which I think will be perfect for my project, and got to hang out with some fellow knitters. I was impressed at both the variety of yarns, plus the variety of people there – I wasn’t the youngest (not even including the kids/teens who had obviously been dragged along!), and I even saw some guys with ravelry badges! At the end, after one last look around I got talking to an Australian woman who dyes (beautiful!) yarn about New Zealand and Australia and moving here and work, and it turns out she might be looking for a nanny! So if this library thing doesn’t work out (again), there’s a possibility of a job there 😀

In other unrelated yet exciting news, my hair is now long enough to tie up, and I’m in the process of purchasing a bicycle! The after school care I’m working in has a great cycle path most of the way to it from my place so I’m excited about cycling to work!

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